VIDEO: Top Things to See and Do in Ruse, Bulgaria

David’s Been Here is touring all the top things to see and do in the Bulgarian city of Ruse. Situated along the picturesque Danube River, this ancient city was established in the 1st century A.D. by the Romans and is home to some fantastic culture, history and architecture. With over 300 historical buildings in the city, there’s no wondering why its nickname is “Little Vienna”. Tour around as David shows us some of the must visit sites in Ruse.

From the pedestrian-friendly Alexsandrovska Street and the bustling Liberty Square to the old city walls and ancient Roman Fortress, visitors will be captivated and intrigued by this world-class city. For a walk through Ruse & Bulgaria’s history, a visit to the Regional Museum of History and Pantheon of National Heroes are a few musts. If you’re looking for accommodation or dining options, the Hotel Vega, Mehana Chiflika (for traditional Bulgarian) or Leventa Complex (upscale food & winery) are excellent choices.

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