VIDEO: A Delicious Meal With a View at Van Hassan II Restaurant

David’s Been Here is touring all the top sites and must visit destinations in Bulgaria’s historic capital city of Veliko Tarnovo. In this short clip, David brings us to Van Hassan II Restaurant. Located right next to the historic Tsarevets Fortress, this rustic eatery has some delicious menu options and some even better views of the fortress beside it. If you’re looking for an excellent half-day excursion, visit the fortress for a couple hours in the morning and enjoy lunch next door at Van Hassan II. With 2 floors and an air-conditioned dining room, Van Hassan II is the perfect place to pop in, unwind and enjoy a delicious, quiet meal.

One thought on “VIDEO: A Delicious Meal With a View at Van Hassan II Restaurant”

  1. Mario Cherchelanov says:

    Great overview, but the name of the restaurant is different. Van Hassan II is wrong, actually is Ivan Asen II, who ruled Bulgaria from 1218 to 1241. 🙂

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