A Relaxing Beach Vacation in Malta


The Mediterranean is home to several holiday islands, but many of them become overcrowded and stressful. Malta holidays are the the perfect travel options for travelers who want to get away from the stress of work and rejuvenate themselves. This small country lies off the coast of southern Italy and is an ideal place to take a refreshing break from everyday life.

Check out our complete list of what to see and do in Malta.

The Maltese Coast


Although many people think Malta is the name of one island, the Republic of Malta is actually an archipelago containing a collection of large and small islands. Only three are inhabited: Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Malta is the largest and contains the capital Valetta, as well as the country’s main international airport. The islands of Malta have over 250 kilometers of coastline and are surrounded by crystal blue waters that are some of the cleanest in the Mediterranean.

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Maltese Beaches


One of the best things about Malta is the choice of different beach types available. These range from large, sandy beaches with lots of amenities to small coves and inlets that often contain few other visitors. Eight of Malta’s beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status, including St. George’s Bay, Mellieha Bay and Ghajin Tuffieha. Many beaches may look familiar, as Malta’s lovely coastline has been the setting for many films and music videos including Brad Pitt’s Troy (2004) and Madonna’s Swept Away (2002).

Hotels and Spas


The islands have several five-star resort hotels that include pampering facilities such as spas, treatments and massages. Most of these are by the sea and offer indoor and outdoor pools and the chance to dine on fresh, local food while enjoying beachside relaxation. We had quite a day being pampered at the five-star Kempinski San Lawrenz on the island of Gozo. The Mediterranean architecture and world-class service make this a fantastic retreat. Another fantastic hotel option is Gozo is the Ta’ Cenc and Spa – a property that features a medieval palazzo, beautiful landscaping, and unique beehive-shaped chalets for guests. If you’re planning on just sticking to the main island, we absolutely loved the picturesque setting and comfy atmosphere at the Radisson Blu Resort and Spa in Golden Bay.

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Blue Lagoon, Comino


One of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Malta can be found on the small island of Comino. This is the secluded inlet known as the Blue Lagoon, a bay that derives its distinctive color from the glowing white sand below the surface. Comino is a popular spot for divers, snorkelers, hikers and bird watchers.

The island of Comino is a designated nature reserve and no cars are allowed on the island; it can only be reached by passenger ferry. Several local companies shuttle tourists back and forth. Each has its own stand in and around Mgarr Harbor, but prices among them can be inconsistent, so be sure to book with one you feel comfortable with. Finally, arrange a pick-up time prior to paying for the round trip.

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For travelers who want a holiday where they can enjoy uncrowded beaches, beautiful scenery and a great tourist infrastructure, Malta is the place to go. With a location halfway between Italy and North Africa, the climate is subtropical and offers wonderfully mild winters and hot summers. This makes it the perfect destination for year round holiday relaxation.

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