What to See and Do in Varna, Bulgaria

In this episode, David’s Been Here explores what to see and do in Varna, one of the most beautiful towns along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.


David begins at the Archaeological Museum of Varna, which holds an exquisite collection of artifacts spanning thousands of years. Among all the priceless objects held here is the oldest uncovered golden treasure in the world. David shows us the skeleton of the Thracian man that was found alongside his golden treasure, dating back to 5,000 B.C.


The man and gold were found in an ancient necropolis in the western industrial zone of Varna. Archaeologists believe the man was around 45-50 years old when he died.


Continuing with the history tour of the city, David makes a stop to see Varna’s Roman Bath complex. These are the fourth largest Roman Baths in Europe! The bath complex still has remnants of the different rooms where cold, warm, and hot water pools were situated. Another part of the complex that is visible are the shops, which are located just outside the bath complex.


Next stop is the Varna Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Bulgaria, dating back to 1886 (pre-dates the Sofia Cathedral). It is the biggest Cathedral on the Black Sea coast. Inside, David shows us some of the hand painted icons and scenes from Jesus’ life. Inside, the priest of the church gives us some more information about the history of the Cathedral.


After sightseeing, David works up an appetite. He heads to the pedestrian zone in the city center to get a snack of roasted corn sprinkled with cheese. For just 3 leva you can also enjoy this delicious snack.

Have you ever been to Bulgaria? What did you think about our video on what to see and do in Varna? Leave us a comment below!

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