Trendy Tallinn: Exploring Estonia’s Coolest City

Estonia is perhaps one of the least fêted countries in Europe.

Although famous for inventing Skype, its arresting medieval architecture and bizarre wife-carrying championship, this Baltic region in Northern Europe is still something of an enigma for even the most well seasoned traveler.


While the country has undeniably had its fair share of trouble and unwanted occupation over the last few centuries (Swedish rule, Danish rule, Soviet Union rule), modern-day visitors are sure to enjoy all the sights and sounds this wonderful part of the world has to offer …

… and what better place to start than its bustling capital city?

Traveling to Tallinn

As you might expect, traveling to Tallinn from the world’s largest airports is a breeze. For your journey, you might choose to fly from London (leaving your vehicle at the extremely handy Gatwick North valet parking) and arrive at Tallinn Airport just three hours later.

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From the Airport

If you’re eager to explore the city, you’ll be over the moon to hear that it’s only four kilometres from the airport to the centre of Tallinn, with plenty of public transport, shuttle services and taxis on hand to transport you from the terminal to your accommodation with the minimum of fuss.


Where to Stay

Despite being home to approximately 32% of Estonia’s total population, Tallinn is full of quaint hotels and guesthouses to accommodate even the most discerning of visitors. For the duration of our trip, I recommend staying at the Barons Boutique Hotel, which is in the historic old town and has charming Art Nouveau style.

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Where to Visit

Visitors are spoiled for choice when they arrive in Tallinn, with the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn Town Hall, Toompea Hill and the Estonian Open Air Museum just some of the excellent attractions to enjoy – and we recommend you check them all out during your stay.

Where to Eat

Estonia is certainly not a country renowned for its gastronomic delights, but the food in Tallinn really is really tasty, especially the amazing Estonian pancakes (pannkoogid), which can be served savory or sweet, depending on where you order them. One of the best restaurants offering a variety of menu items is Rataskaevu16, which also features a selection of vegetarian dishes and is great for all the family.

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Where to Drink

If you’re determined to end up suitably horizontal after consuming too much local liquor, do it in style by visiting Must Puudel, a venue that’s popular with locals and tourists alike thanks to its wide range of food and drink, not to mention its painfully hip and chilled out vibe.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Tallinn? What other must-see attractions would you add to our list? Please let us know in the comments section – we’d love to read what you have to say about this fantastic city.

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  1. Andrey Andreev says:

    This year me and my wife visited Estonia for one week. The country is amazing. And if you have time you can see and visit so beautiful places. Tallinn is the most touristic place in Estonia. I just read your article and want to say that the place is a must see. You can enjoy climbing towers, visiting museums or just eat. The restaurants are amazing, not cheap, but delicious. Most of the food is not local, it’s more European and Asian, but there are still some traditional places, operating mostly for tourists. In Estonia you can enjoy spa and sauna, you have to visit any of old manors that nowadays became spa hotels. Our favourite place in Tallinn are the viewpoints from the upper town with amazing views to the Old town with all medieval spirit. I’m not sure if it is good to post a link, but if it is interesting you can see our post about Tallinn

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