11 Instagram Photos of Meteora Landscapes

Meteora, Greece is a land undoubtedly blessed with unique landscapes and otherworldly rock formations. In September 2015 I had the opportunity to visit and take several Instagram photos of Meteora, which I shared with my followers on Instagram.

In case you missed it, here are my favorite Instagram photos of Meteora’s landscapes, epic views, and sky-high monasteries.

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Meteora literally translates into “suspended in the air.” And it’s easy to see why…


The town of Kalambaka (AKA Kalampaka or Kalabaka)


Two Greek tortoises admiring the inspiring views of Meteora’s stone forest

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There are six active monasteries in Meteora


A couple enjoying the view after a hike through the stone forest


Bird’s eye view of the village of Kastraki


Can you spot the Holy Monastery of Saint Barbara?


Epic sunsets are just one of the reasons people visit Meteora


Tortoises are everywhere in Meteora! This one was small enough to take a selfie with


A rock climber almost at the top


The best view of Kalabaka came at the end of a Scramble Hike 


Carlos and I enjoying the view after our scramble hike tour using my XShot


Epic views at every turn


No wonder the monks chose Meteora as the place for ultimate tranquility and reflection

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Who knew monasteries had such vistas?

Special thanks to Visit Meteora and XShot.

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  1. rebecca says:

    Very cool. Some beautiful photos! Just discovered your blog. Will certainly be following you on instagram as well 🙂

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