The Best Restaurants of Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland is one of the hottest places to go because it has non-stop activities year round. Whether you are grabbing a game of golf, strolling down the boardwalk, going to an amusement park or going to the ocean for water sports you will tend to get hungry which brings a good question, where is the best restaurants to satisfy your appetite? Well, it depends on what type of dining experience you want as well as the style of food you enjoy. Below is a list of the best restaurants in Ocean City.


Ocean City has quite an assortment of restaurants to choose from some which are local favorites. If you are out with the family and have just got done visiting the historical sites of Ocean City and there is a debate within your family members whether to enjoy seafood or American-style buffet or even pizza and burger joints there can be quite a few places to choose from. In fact, Ocean City has around 200 places to grab a bit at, and it can be tricky if you’re not sure of where to go. A few of the favourite restaurants that Ocean City hast to offer includes:

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Olde English Fish, Chips, and Chicken

This is the go-to place for those who want to experience the taste of English-style batter dipped seafood, and the best of Ocean City Maryland’s Fried Chicken. The experienced cooks are always ready to prepare your Cod Fish Fillets or Fried Chicken in a unique way for and unmatched scrumptious taste.


OCM Crabs 

Located on 63rd street and 71st street, OCM crabs is the ideal place to sample a full seafood menu including crabs, local corn and ice cold beer.


Hooked focuses on serving local seafood and produce. It offers a seasonal menu featuring up to 85% off local seafood and produce.

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Rippon’s Crabs and Seafood Market

Popular for their top quality fresh seafood, Rippon’s Crabs and Seafood Market offers the most competitively priced shrimp and crab meat as compared to their competitors.


Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

Anthony’s Beer and Wine Restaurant

This restaurant boasts of the finest wine and beer selection in Ocean City. It offers the all-time favorite Boar’s Head Deli meat, and some of the most delicious sandwiches in Maryland.

The Muze Café

At Muze Café, you get to enjoy an enchanting ocean view as you sample a wide selection of French cuisines, sandwiches, and vegetarian dishes.

Liquid Assets Restaurant

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This is among the most popular restaurants for a great dinner out experience. The restaurant regularly offers new specials, not forgetting their famous cheese plate.

Sahara Café

Sahara café specializes in serving breakfast. It is popular for its fresh fruits and cereals, thick Belgium waffles, Mary’s Lovingly Overstuffed Omelets, All-American French Toast and Beach Breakfast Sandwiches.

All said and done Ocean City is one of the best cities you can visit just about any time of year. There is an abundance of activities that you will be able to enjoy on any given day. Part of enjoying the sites and activities come from being able to enjoy a wonderful food in a great atmosphere. Today, we only saw a small sample of the best of Ocean City restaurants.

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