Caribbean Dish Food Tour in America!

During my quick road trip to Orlando, I hit up several Caribbean spots since I was craving the food after my trip to Trinidad and Tobago! Come with me on my Caribbean dish food tour, where I try Trini and Guyanese food!

Joining me was my friend Jon, a.k.a. DJ Jon Jat, who would be taking me to have West Indian food at his favorite spots all over the city!

The Ultimate Trini Food Spread at Singh’s

DJ Jon Jat looks on as David Hoffmann eats dal puri with shrimp curry and oxtails at Singh's | Davidsbeenhere

We started at Singh’s, a Trinidadian spot where we’d get to have some doubles and aloo pies! In the back, we met Angie, who showed us the cooks frying baras, curry for boneless chicken, and more!

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After adding the chicken and chadon beni, it cooks for 30 minutes. Elsewhere, they were filling, rolling out, and grilling dal puri. I tried to do one myself!

They have tons of options: mac & cheese, Trini chow mein, jerk chicken, baked chicken, peas and rice, chana, dal, lo mein, egg balls, bacalao, beef curry, oxtail, curry chicken, curry shrimp, pulao, aloo pie, and more. It was a fusion of Indian, Chinese, and Caribbean cultures!

The doubles had a fluffy bara and sweet tamarind. Adding pepper sauce added a ton of spice! Jon’s aloo pie with beef. My aloo pie only contained chana, and adding tamarind made it sweet and savory!

I had a refreshing banana solo with it. Next, the dal puri was great with the shrimp curry. The oxtail was so tender it fell apart. It was great to mix everything together! The flavors and textures were unreal!

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Unexpected Caribbean Dish at Legends Resto & Lounge

Pepper Shrimp, a Chinese-inspired Caribbean dish, at Legends Resto & Lounge | Davidsbeenhere

Next, we drove 10 minutes to Legends Resto & Lounge for some Chinese and Guyanese food. In the back, they showed us how they make their pineapple fried rice with shrimp and pork, lamb fried rice, lo mein, pepper lamb, pepper shrimp, and roast pork!

The roast pork and the sauce took me right back to my time in China. It was sweet and tangy! Meanwhile, the flavors of the pineapple had permeated the pineapple fried rice. It was too good!

The pepper shrimp were also massive and juicy. The pepper lamb was saucy and almost like the pork in terms of flavor, and the flavors in the lo mein blew me away.

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I’d never seen lamb fried rice in my life, but it was unreal. It was so unique. I loved the short grain rice, the sauce, and the peppers. It wasn’t very spicy, but the sauce was very glazy. The fried rice dishes here were unbelievable!

Sweet Caribbean Dish at Bakewell Food Court

Salara, a sweet bread and Caribbean dish that's popular in Guyana | Davidsbeenhere

Next, we drove back toward Singh’s to Bakewell Food Court, a Guyanese bakery that sells plait bread, sweets, tamarind balls, sugar cakes, and more.

There, Steve told us that it’s a food court concept and sells everything you could possibly want, from pizza and chicken to curries to sweets and breads!

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We ordered a cassava pone and a salara. The cassava pone was a cassava cake, while the salara looked like a fluffy, sticky cake with sugar syrup on the outside and coconut on the inside.

The salara was layered and super sweet! It was like a coconut cinnamon roll, but with coconut. The cassava pone wasn’t as sweet, but was more like a banana bread. It would have been great with some ice cream on top!

Where have you been?

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