Where to Eat in Meteora, Greece

In this episode from the Meteora, Greece series, David takes us around to the best restaurants in this area of Thessaly. If you didn’t know, Meteora is known for its hearty cuisine of meat, vegetables, and delicious desserts. 

Join David at the first stop: Restaurant Meteora in the town of Kalambaka (also written Kalabaka and Kalampaka). Four generations and thousands of customers later, Restaurant Meteora is still serving up generous portions of slow cooked casseroles, pies, stews, side dishes and more… Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere Another favorite place to eat in Meteora is Panellinio Restaurant (AKA Taberna Panellinio) in the central square of Kalambaka. My favorite dish here was definitely the amazing lamb. The tzatziki was also amazing to say the least. Aside from the lamb, Panellinio has daily specials of home cooked dishes that are best enjoyed beneath the shaded outdoor terrace.


Check out our Guide to Classic and Traditional Greek Foods Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere2 Mikro Nixterino is another fantastic suggestion about where to eat in Meteora. This family-owned taverna is located in the small village of Diava, southwest of Kalambaka. Here David dined on a Greek specialty called kokoretsi (lamb innards wrapped in intestines). It’s a delicacy that takes a long time to prepare and is usually eaten during Easter. Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere3 Meteoron Panorama is another incredible place to eat in Meteora. Known for its incredible vistas of Kalambaka, Meteoron Panorama’s claim to fame is its signature dish of veal, eggplant, and four cheeses baked in a clay pot. The fried zucchini balls are also excellent. Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere5 Next stop on this amazing culinary journey through Meteora is Spitiki Gefsi in Kalambaka to try spanakopita (spinach pie) for breakfast. Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere4 Kafe-Ouzeri Fortounis is another great must-try in Kalambaka because it’s not your typical restaurant. Here, you get a small plate of food for every glass of ouzo or tsipouro you order. Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere6 Taverna to Paramithi is another great place to dine in Kalambaka. It’s a cozy place where people come to eat and enjoy traditional Greek music. A standout dish that David enjoyed here was the stuffed mushrooms. You can grab a seat inside out out, whichever you choose! Where_to_Eat_in_Meteora_Greece_Davidsbeenhere7 Special thanks to Visit Meteora and XShot. Production by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse. So, there you have it! These were David’s best suggestions about where to eat in Meteora, Greece. Have you ever been to Meteora? If so, share your favorite places to eat in a comment below!

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