Why Everyone Should Travel Alone at Least Once

I believe that traveling is an important part of life. Traveling opens up your life to the diversity of our planet and teaches us to be more appreciative, humble, quick thinking and open-minded. Traveling alone is an especially unique experience that involves depending on you and only you to navigate a portion of our exciting and amazing planet. You may be thinking “that’s not for me,” but the truth is that it is. Here is why everyone should travel alone at least once.


You will be able to face life’s challenges better

When you travel alone, you’re faced with several challenges such as language barriers, rude people, travel delays, etc. These “bumps in the road” echo the daily challenges we face in life. When you figure out how to solve or cope with unpleasant situations on your own, you’ll return home feeling more confident than ever to take on daily challenges at work, with family and friends, or with money.


You will learn to be humble

Humility is something that comes from within – something inherent. A great way to describe it is humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less. Being humble is an important part of traveling alone because it teaches you not to be so egocentric. When you are a stranger in a strange land you often have to depend on others’ kindness when, for instance, you ask for directions or want to know what to order at a restaurant because you can’t read the menu. Being humble will make you a more likeable and approachable person. After all, nobody likes an egomaniac.


You will learn more traveling than in any classroom

I’m a firm believer in the importance of higher education. But I also think there are things that you won’t learn in a classroom. Learning about the world’s great monuments, cities, cultures, and cuisines from a book or movie just doesn’t cut it for me. Getting out there and experiencing those things for yourself is the only way to truly appreciate the wonders of this planet. Traveling alone helps you to focus on the beauty and thrills you’ll encounter on your travels. Remember that education doesn’t equate to knowledge, just as wealthy doesn’t mean classy.


You will learn to take care of yourself

Just like when traveling with others, you can get sick when traveling alone. One way to control unforeseen medical costs is to get great travel insurance. The problem is that many of the policies will not cover pre-existing conditions. Additionally, if you’re relocating somewhere for a long time, you may not want to fork out months worth of premiums if you don’t have to see a doctor regularly. Likewise, when you don’t speak the language it can be difficult to find a doctor or clinic. On a recent trip to Thailand I started to get a horrible tooth ache and I knew what it was – a bonding in the back of my mouth had come loose and needed to be replaced. I used a company called MEDIGO, to see all of their available, English-speaking dentistry clinics in Thailand that I could use to fix my issues. Thankfully, it all worked out. My point is that traveling alone will teach you to take care of yourself, whether that means taking cold medicine and staying put or finding a suitable doctor when you need one.


You will appreciate your loved ones more

Being alone and away from people you love will only make you appreciate them more when you return. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that couldn’t be more true. When you travel alone you’ll want to tell those you love back home about all of your stories and experiences, show them photos, and bring them souvenirs from your travels. Trust me, you’ll appreciate your family and friends so much more after not seeing them for a while.


You will come back inspired

With all the wonderful places, people, and things you’ll experience while traveling solo, you will surely come home inspired by all the sights and sounds from your trip. After getting back from Sri Lanka, I wanted to decorate my backyard with luxurious outdoor patio furniture and parasols like the ones I enjoyed at my hotels. You’ll also find inspiration from around the world to bring back into your home. Perhaps you’ll want to decorate your home to remind you of your favorite places.


You will make new friends

Traveling alone puts you in the position to introduce yourself and be friendlier than you normally would if you were traveling with other people. This will help you make new friends. I still keep in contact with past travel guides and fellow hotel guests that I met. Social media makes it easier than ever to keep in contact with the people you meet. Some of my travel friends even appear in my language videos.


You will know freedom

Being free and feeling free are two very different things. I never feel freer than when I’m driving down a highway I’ve never driven before, going to a place I’ve never been. This is ultimate freedom – to do what you want when you want. And why not enjoy this freedom while seeing new and wonderful things?

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Why do YOU believe that everyone should travel alone at least once? Tell us about your solo adventures! Leave a comment below.

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