10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts to Follow

Did you know that during any given minute there are about 50,000 photos being shared on Instagram?! Today, there are more than 67 million photos posted to Instagram with the hashtag #travel. If that isn’t enough to convince you that that our world is getting smaller thanks to the digital age, I don’t know what could. Nowadays we share everything on social medias, so why not share our travel memories too?


Here are a few standout Instagram accounts that manage to delight, surprise, and inspire us with gorgeous travel images from around the world every single day. They are an eclectic group of bloggers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and gypsies. These are the 10 best travel Instagram accounts to follow in case you’re in need of some wanderlust.


This two-time Emmy winner shares her personal experiences from wherever she’s filming in the world. Great account to follow if you’re a fan of her television show, “TAKEOFF with Ashley Colburn.”



Every one of Dustin’s posts is frame-worthy and manages to have perfect timing with every shot. Perfect for those who can appreciate good composition and an array of subjects.



Aussie native gives followers a serious case of the travel bug whenever she posts her stunning scenery, wildlife, and nature shots. She lets her surroundings take center stage and expertly edits each image to bring out the best in her subject.



Kirsten is an experienced photographer whose love for architecture, portraits, and colorful subjects shines through in her Instagram photos. We especially like her meal shots taken from above highlighting the unique cuisine of each destination.



As the youngest American to visit every country, Lee has garnered attention for years for his achievement. His Instagram account is yet another way for followers to get a glimpse of his hectic travel schedule and to live vicariously through him.



Ryan’s photos are full of movement, vibrant colors, and plenty of inspiration for adventure. Based in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, he’s on a mission to embody the true essence of travel – enjoy yourself and be free!



Larissa’s love of the Balkans is no secret – these Eastern European countries form the bulk of her Instagram posts. She manages to capture the old world traditions, exquisite landscapes, and gorgeous beaches of these often-underrated destinations.



Travel couple Dave and Deb has been delighting readers for years with their useful travel tips and beautiful photography. Their Instagram account is perfect for those who appreciate wide-open spaces, wild animals, and the occasional photo with a petite blonde being dwarfed by magnificent scenery.



Brian doesn’t pretend to be a photographer. He is, however, the go-to source for everything award travel (points, miles, deals, etc.) His Instagram is a collection of personal travel memories, sneak-peaks at airline perks, and headshots of his handsome French bulldog, Miles.



Daniel’s photos remind us what traveling is all about – getting to know and appreciate different cultures. We like how he focuses on one country at a time to show us its many different facets, from skyscrapers to local markets. Great for those who appreciate scenes from everyday life.



Looking for even more travel inspiration? Follow me on Instagram as I share the best of culture, gastronomy, history and nature from my travels around the world!


And just in case you’re doubting the power of Instagram in the digital age, below is an infographic courtesy of PhotoBox that shows how we now capture momentous life events and share these images digitally.

Provided by Photobox

Have any suggestions for travel Instagram accounts to follow? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Hi David. Thanks for including the very awesome @jewelszee. Please take a look also for @taste_for_travel by Tess & Scott.

    • Hi Lyn, thanks for the suggestion I just checked out taste_for_travel and it looks awesome!

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