VIDEO: Cricova Winery and Cellar in Moldova

In this episode David brings us to one of Moldova’s most famous wineries. visiting Cricova Winery and Cellar is the second largest wine producer in Moldova, second only to Milesto Mici, which also happens to be the largest winery in the world!

One of the most exciting things about visiting Cricova is that you’ll get to ride through the tunnels and see where the wines are stored until maturation. The tunnels themselves date back to the 15th century, when the property was used as a limestone quarry to build Chisinau and the surrounding towns.

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After WWII the network of tunnels provided the perfect climate to age Cricova’s wines. Every passageway gets its name from the wine that is stored there.


Cricova Winery and Cellar is one of few in the world that produces sparkling wine in accordance with the classical French method of mixing only the best grapes from different vineyards, a practice started centuries ago by the Monk Dom Pierre Perignon.


Next up is the Grand Cellar of Cricova where famous people from around the world have wines stored. Among them are Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Afterwards, David is off to best part of the tour – to the tasting room to finally try some of Cricova’s famous sparkling wines.


Visiting Cricova Winery is an unforgettable experience when in Moldova. It is located just 9 miles north of Chisinau and is open year round. To book a tour, email If you enjoy wines as much as David does, you will love visiting Cricova Winery and Cellar’s extensive underground tunnels and tasting its delicious sparkling wines.

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