Visiting the Batu Caves, Malaysia

In this episode of the Malaysia video series, David takes us on a day trip from Kuala Lumpur to visit the Batu Caves. The caves are Hindu shrines dedicated to deities, most importantly Lord Morugan. You can see a 140-foot-tall golden statue of him at the entrance to the Batu Cave complex. The Batu Caves are just 13 kilometers north of the KL.

As you start your ascent up the 272 steps, you’ll notice several mischievous macaque monkeys along the way. They are definitely one of the biggest attractions here because of their voracious appetites and ability to steal food from visitors.

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The caves were formed over 400 million years ago. They get their name from the nearby Batu River.


The Batu complex consists of 3 main caves, each dedicated to Hindu deities including Lord Murugan, the god of war. And Hanuman, devotee of Lord Rama believe to be an incarnation of Shiva.


Exploring the Batu caves reveals beautifully painted shrines and impressive limestone rock formations.


If you’re interested in Hindu culture and looking for a quick daytrip from Kuala Lumpur, a visit to the Batu Caves is a must.


Have you visited the Batu Caves? Share your experience in a comment below!

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