What to See and Eat in Bangkok

Welcome to Bangkok, the capital and largest city in Bangkok! This city has a population of over 8 million people and if you want to get a taste of Asia then this is the place to visit. This episode is all about sites you cant miss and dishes to try in Bangkok.

First up is the Grand Palace of Bangkok. It dates back to 1782, it’s the number one visited site in all of Thailand. The complex houses the royal palace, government buildings and the temple of the emerald Buddha. Its important to dress appropriately, that means no shorts, sleeves tops and no tight pants.

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Next up is my favorite place to eat in Bangkok, Boat Noodle Alley. It was recommended to me back Mark Wiens of Migrationology the authority of Thai cuisine.

Its located next to victory monument and its incredible! Each bowl cost .30c USD and they are delicious! Try to eat as many as you can, it’s a competition.


Now let’s head to Chinatown! The Wat Trimitr temple houses the largest golden Buddha in the entire world. The Buddha measures 15 feet in height and is worth 28 million pounds and is made out of solid gold!


Time to eat some Chinese food in Chinatown. If your looking for good Chinese food head to Yaowarat Road and go to a restaurant that doesn’t have air conditioning. It might be a little sticky but the food is better and the cost is half the price compared to a restaurant with air conditioning.

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Another must see is Wat Arun, which means Temple of the Dawn. It is the most famous temple in the city and it dominates the skyline of the river. The temple is 75 meters in height and its covered with thousands of seashells, demons and monkeys. Don’t forget to bring your walking shoes!


Now let’s head to Wat Pho, one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok. They are famous for their reclining golden Buddha which is 46 meters in length and for being the birthplace of the Thai massage. Its right next to the grand palace.


Wang Lang Market is famous for its deep fried pork, another incredible recommendation by Mark Wiens. We first tried some noodles with pork, then some crepes with pork and finally we found the best deep friend pork in the world! It was really that good!!

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And lastly we head to Chatuchak Market, one of the largest weekend markets in the world! There are over 15,000 booths in 27 acres and over 200,000 people visit each day. A must visit when in Bangkok!!


There you have what to see and eat in Bangkok! Have you been to Bangkok? Leave us a comment below with recommendations about places you must see in Thailand!

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