Top 6 Beaches in Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini, Greece has an impressive diversity of beaches, with everything from warm black sands to pebble strewn shorelines. Tourists should not be afraid to venture off the beaten path since many of the most beautiful beaches are the least touristic. Here are the top beaches in Santorini, Greece!


Many of these hidden gems are only accessible by boat and offer little to no facilities, such as bathrooms or beach chair rentals. We suggest you pack a light lunch and bring bottles of water, sunscreen, beach towels, and whatever else you may need if you plan to hit up some of the more remote beaches.

Red Beach


Red Beach’s name comes from its unique red color that is the result of volcanic activity. Because of its distinguished appearance, it is gaining popularity with tourists even though it features no amenities. Red Beach can be accessed via car, boat, bus, or on foot. When driving, be aware that there is a five to ten minute strip of undeveloped road that can be quite trying on rental vehicles!

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You can catch the boat to Red Beach for €5 from the road below the Rihidi archeological site, or you can stash the car in front of the Agios Nikolaos chapel and walk the rest of the way. The temperatures here can be sweltering, so visitors should remember to bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, lots of water, and perhaps a light lunch. 

White Beach              


White Beach, otherwise known as Aspri Paralia to the locals, is located near Red Beach. However, it is significantly more remote. It was named for the white cliff that dominates the shoreline. The only way to get here is by taking a boat from Akrotiri for €5, or swimming from Red Beach, though be warned it’s a 20 minute swim and you are going to want some gear. There are no facilities here. 


santorini beach

Vlyhada has all of the benefits of being incredibly beautiful and relatively under-discovered, but not quite as remote as White Beach. This means that you are welcome to enjoy the undisturbed waters and tranquil shoreline from the comfort of a beach chair. Nearby bars serve up cocktails and tasty eats that you can enjoy right on the water. Crowds are never an issue since the lack of public transportation to the beach makes it a solo-endeavor. In order to get there, drive to Akrotiri from Fira and follow the signs.

Exo Gialos


Getting to Exo Gialos from Fira is just a mile and quarter away, so you can either follow the signs on foot or by car. The beach is small, but still features many amenities. A local restaurant, Aegialos, serves up traditional plates and local cocktails. Its black sand beaches and peaceful deep waters have the makings of a perfect romantic daytrip for couples.



Katharos has the benefit of being the closest beach to Oia. The best way to get there is to communicate with the locals. Leave your car on the side of the nearest paved road and then walk down the descending dirt road. The beach itself features no amenities and is covered in dark pebbles with relatively shallow, beautiful waters.

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There is a restaurant nearby, Katharos – a great place to sip a cup of coffee while taking in the sunset, or take a break from sunbathing to enjoy a hearty Greek meal.



For those with enough patience to seek it out, Pori is well worth the journey. The clear, shallow waters make visitors feel at peace. The only way to get to Pori is via car and it is unmarked by any signs. Imerovigli is the nearest town to Pori and it is just over six miles from Fira. Captain Yannis is Pori’s token restaurant. It dishes up fish and other local favorites.

What are your recommendations for the top beaches in Santorini, Greece? We would love to hear from you! Leave us a question or comment below.

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