Top 10 Ways Students Can Experience London On a Budget

London is one of the world’s most visited cities – a hub of air travel, cultural, history and architecture. The truth is you could spend days, even weeks, exploring all of London’s sights, restaurants and museums. But let’s face it, London isn’t cheap unless you plan ahead and try ways to save. Here are the top 10 ways students can experience London on a budget.

The info graphic below offers 10 ways for students to score deals on transportation, shopping, pubs and affordable student accommodations. For example, TicketClever helps travelers get cheap train tickets with an advanced algorithm that you can’t find anywhere else. They even give you tips to save more like buying group tickets and travel out of peak hours (10am to 4.30pm).

Another great way students can save in London is by getting a TasteCard, which offers 50% off and 2-for-1 discounts at restaurants in London and thousands throughout the UK. From fast food to fancy dinners, there are endless restaurant options when you get a TasteCard.

Skint London is another fantastic resource for students looking for things to do under £10. Theatre shows, comedy clubs, concerts, pub crawls, museums, art classes, restaurants, designer clearance sales and more. See the infographic below for the full top 10 ways students can experience London on a budget.

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