The Craft Breweries of the Wynwood Arts District

If you didn’t know, South Florida is now a hot spot for micro-breweries. The brewing industry in the region has been growing, and Wynwood has been at the core of it all. In the Wynwood Arts District, there are three breweries; Wynwood Brewery, Concrete Beach Brewery, and J Wakefield Brewery.

For the ultimate experience, the best thing to do is walk from one brewery to the other as they are very close, on the same street 24th NW. While walking, you’ll get to enjoy the amazing art of this graffiti-laden area. Here are the craft breweries of the Wynwood Arts District!

Wynwood Brewery Company

Wynwood Brewing Company was the first company to start craft beer production in Wynwood. It started its operation in December 2013, and since then, it has been doing an excellent job at achieving its objective of bringing fresh, delicious, and creative beers to thirsty South Floridians and tourists alike. True to this, there is really something here for the hoppiest of individuals to the casual drinkers.

This beer spot offers a great atmosphere and a variety specialty beers you can enjoy. They mostly do the traditional styles more than any other brewery in the area, but they are exquisite at what they do. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. You can take the 1-hour brewery tour offered, and you’ll get to enjoy some free pints and a free glass as well.

Outside, there are long community tables that are aimed at bringing everyone together. There are no TVs, and therefore it brings back the old days to make you interact well with people and staff. While here, don’t forget to try their Gold-Medal winning beer, the Pop’s Porter.

Concrete Beach Brewery

The Concrete Beach Brewery is another artisanal craft beer producer located just a small distance from Wynwood Brewery. They are known for producing beers that are inspired by the cultures and flavors of Miami, and they do so while still supporting the arts and community organizations in the neighborhood they serve. The place has a great ambiance, a unique setting, and one of the best ways to start is with a flight.

Though an actual brewery with even a beer pub, the place somehow feels more like a “hang out.” Here, you’ll get to enjoy the splendid craft beers they offer in a cozy place. The staff is super friendly, and if you are not so much into the trying out, you can just tell them what you normally drink, and they’ll recommend something you’ll definitely love.

There are also great vibes and board games that you can enjoy. This is a cool spot to hang out with friends and a must-do during a visit to Wynwood.

J Wakefield Brewery

The last brewery we visited was the J Wakefield brewery. All the breweries in Wynwood are unique, and this is definitely no exception.  The place is beautifully themed with nice star wars art, and they are famous for their Florida Weiss Sour Beers. They add local tropical fruits to fermentation in order to come up with this sour beer which has some light, sweet concoctions that both refresh and pucker your lips.

J Wakefield is actually a fun little spot to have some craft beer in Wynwood. The head brewer is an experimental person, and this, therefore, means that it is a great brewery for trying something new.

Watch our episode of the Wynwood Breweries

There are quirky flavors and also seasonal offerings that change frequently. For the standard beer lovers, there are also 14 other beers on tap so you can’t miss a favorite. If you are looking to try out with some unique and great beers, this is definitely the spot!

Each brewery here has its own charm. Visiting all of them gives you the chance to enjoy the diversity and yet the similarity of these Wynwood Arts District craft beer brewers. My top pics are Pops Porter at the Wynwood Brewery, Mas Hops Double IPA at the Concrete Beach Brewery and El Jefe at the J Wakefield Brewery.

Photos by Carlos de Varona from Chromahouse.

Have you visited the craft breweries of the Wynwood Arts District? Leave us a comment below!

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