Sukhothai Historical Park, The First Capital of Thailand

Welcome to Sukhothai, the first Kingdom of Siam! Sukhothai Historical Park is located in northern Thailand about a 4 – 5 hour drive from Bangkok. There are over 193 ruins, a palace, many temples and the largest one being Wat Mahatat.

The best time to come is around 9am. It takes three hours to see the entire historical park. You can rent a bike, you can walk and you can pay an extra 50 baht and even bring your car. Follow me through Sukhothai!

Wat Si Chum the most visited monument in Sukhothai Historical Park. The buddha that you see measures over 50ft in height and 30 feet wide. The name of the buddha is Phra Acana which means the one that is not afraid. The best time come is in the morning, it’s an extra fee because it is outside the city walls.

If you have an extra day in Sukhothai I suggest you visit it’s sister city of Si Satchanalai. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What you can visit here are over 300 ruins, buddhist shrines and temples dating back to the 13th century.

I suggest you visit the main shrine of Wat Phra Si Ratana Mahathat. It is located outside the historical park which dates back to 1237 A.D. Here you can see free standing columns and a massive buddha.

Did you enjoy the Sukhothai Historical Park? Comment below and let me know what you think!

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  1. Pamela Anderson says:

    What a beautiful place!

    • David says:

      yes it sure is! Thank you for commenting!!

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