Night Street Food Tour of Poblacion in Manila, Philippines

In 2017, I spent four amazing days exploring the megacity of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, after a four-day adventure in Thailand! On my last night, I headed out on an epic night street food tour of Poblacion, also known as Makati City, in Manila, Philippines. From balut to isaw, I was ready to dive into the rich world of authentic Filipino street food. I tried everything I could and had the best time!

I met up with my friends at Our Awesome Planet and set out on a nighttime food adventure I won’t soon forget. Our first stop of our night street food tour was Alamat, a craft beer bar that also serves delicious traditional food. There, we tried sisig, which is pieces of the pig’s face. If you’ve followed my blog or videos for a while, you’ll probably know that I am a massive pork fan. This dish was so tasty and really hit the spot!

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Then, we hit the streets of Poblacion, where I tried Balut for the first time. This legendary Filipino street food is a fertilized and partially-developed duck embryo that is cooked inside its shell. You peel the shell and add a bit of salt to taste. It was not at all what I expected but it wasn’t so bad!

Right next to the balut stand was a kwek-kwek stand. kwek-kwek is a mix of sausage and different seafood balls. This is more of a dessert. It was really tasty!

Another street food was tried was isaw, which is chicken intestines. It was actually very delicious and bursting with flavor! Then, finally, to end our night we tried some halo-halo which is like an Ice Kachang. It’s similar to many other Asian desserts I’d tried before and contained a delicious mix of beans, ice cream, milk, ice, gummies, and more. It was the perfect way to end my night street food tour in Manila in the Philippines!

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Have you tried any of these Filipino street foods? If so, please leave me a comment below and let’s start a conversation!

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