The Best Pizza in Finland | Helsinki, Finland

On my way home from Singapore, I spent a few days in Helsinki, an amazing city in Finland that I’ve now visited three times. On my last day in the country, I headed out with my boy Jerry to eat the best pizza in Helsinki, Finland at Via Tribunali right next to Helsinki’s Cathedral.

During my time in Helsinki, I stayed at the Klaus K Hotel. It’s located right in the center of Helsinki, so it’s in the best location in the city! It’s very easy to get around from there and the accommodations are really nice. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to stay in Helsinki. It really is top-notch!

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After I left my hotel, I decided to go take photos of Ullanlinna and Eira, two famous local neighborhoods. Both of them are home to ritzy, super pricy mansions. They’re beautiful!

After capturing photos of the neighborhoods, I walked over to Via Tribunali Restaurant, where I met with my friend Jerry from Escape Mundane Blog. He told me that this restaurant not only serves the best pizza in Helsinki, but in all of Finland! After just one bite, I could see why! It was super tasty and I loved the cheese and crust. I thought it was an amazing pizza! It’s definitely a must-have the next time you find yourself in Helsinki!

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From there I headed back to the hotel, grabbed my bags, took the train to the airport, and went to the Finnair Premier Lounge. I had some champagne and some really amazing food, including some delicious smoothies. Then, hit the sauna for 20 minutes and showered before I headed to the flight. Saunas are a huge part of Finnish culture. It was exactly what I needed, and I felt completely refreshed afterward! 

Wow! What an awesome few days in Helsinki! I hope you had as much fun as I did. I have to thank my boy Jerry for showing me around! If you want to know more about Helsinki and luxury travel, give him a follow on Instagram!

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I flew Helsinki to Miami direct with Finnair. I love their business class on the A330. They have amazing food onboard and if you like wine, you will really enjoy their selection.

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Have you been to Helsinki before? Let me know in the comments below!

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