VIDEO: Indian Street Food Tour for Meat Lovers in Lucknow

Lucknow is known for being a meat lovers heaven! In this video I take you on an epic Indian Street Food tour for meat lovers with my friend Aishu!

To start off the day we went to Chowk, the old town of Lucknow to eat Makkhan Malai. This is a sweat dish made of milk and yogurt battered together. It’s basically whipping cream.

Next up we headed to the Aminabad market area to try the most famous dish in Lucknow, Kababs at Tunday Kababi. These meat kababs are juicy, soft and delicious!

Lastly we headed to a street where we tried Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Biryani and Ice Cream Rolls. The chicken tandoori was so rich in spices! The chicken biryani was by far one of the best biryani’s I had ever eaten.

To end out epic Indian street food tour in Lucknow we had to eat some ice cream rolls. They were so fire! Have you ever been to Lucknow or eaten Indian street food before? Leave me a comment below if you loved this Indian street food tour for meat lovers in Lucknow!

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