Southern Seafood & Blues Music in Jackson, Mississippi

This video is in partnership with Visit Jackson MS. Southern SEAFOOD & BLUES MUSIC Tour in Jackson, Mississippi the City with Soul!

During my first day in Jackson, Mississippi, I experience some of the best Southern Seafood and heard incredible Blues music. I arrived just in time for lunch at the Westin Jackson’s Estelle Wine Bar and Bistro. I ate a Fried Catfish, Duck Sausage and Corn bread!

Next we headed to Malaco Records and Wolf, one of the founders showed us around. They have one of the biggest collections of blues and gospel music in the world!

From there we head to Hal & Mal’s to learn about the history of this incredible establishment. From there we head straight to dinner to eat some amazing southern seafood at the Mayflower Cafe. We ate some delicious Gumbo, Onion Rings with Comeback Sauce and Red Fish Jane. That comeback sauce really makes you want to come back to Jackson, Mississippi!

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To end the night we headed back to Hal & Mal’s to heard some incredible Blues Music at Blue Monday. The music was really incredible, and the whole day gave me a great taste of what the city is all about.

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