VIDEO: American Reacts to 55 Indian Street Food Dishes

American Reacts to 55 Indian Street Food Dishes! I traveled throughout India for almost three weeks visiting Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Varanasi, Jaipur and Mumbai.

During my trip I ate Indian Street Food all day everyday! From the delicious Indian dishes of Chandni Chowk in Delhi to the freezing Ice Gola in Mumbai I went all out and ate my heart out!

Every Indian Street Food Dish is delicious! I also enjoyed trying some of the Indo-Chinese street food in Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

Here is the list of all 55 Indian Street Food Dishes I tried while traveling in India:

1. Parathas

2. Lassi

3. Aloo Kachodi

4. Jalebi

5. Falooda

6. Fire Paan

7. Ice Paan

8. Aloo Tikki

9. Daulat Ki Chaat

10. Buffalo Kebab

11. Chicken Kebab

12. Mutton Kebab

13. Mutton Korma

14. Fried Chicken

15. Kulfi

16. Butter Chicken

17. Nagori Halwa

18. Chole Kulche

19. Goat Curry

20. Buffalo Biryani

21. Gulab Jamun

22. Amritsari Kulcha

23. Gyurma

24. Momos

25. Bedai with Potato Sabji

26. Petha

27. Makkhan Malai

28. Tunday Kababi

29. Chicken Tandoori

30. Chicken Biryani

31. Ice Cream Rolls

32. Sweet Paan

33. Puri Kachori

34. Tomato Chaat

35. Chura Matar

36. Rajasthani Thali

37. Kachori 38. Thandi

39. Mutton Burger

40. Pani Puri

41. Ice Gola

42. Masala Dosa

43. Kalidas Masala Vada Pav

44. Bhel Puri

45. Nitrogen Biscuit

46. Mutton Roll

47. Chicken Lollipop

48. Kebab Rolls

49. Pav Bhaaji

50. Dahi Puri

51. Sev Puri

52. Ragda Pattice

53. Sabudana Vada

54. Tawa Pulao

55. Paneer Chilli

Have you eaten Indian Street Food Dishes in India? Have you tried any or all of these? Which was your favorite? What did you think of my American Reacts to Indian Street Food? If you like this video please give me a thumbs up, leave me a comment below and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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