Spicy Halal Feast at The Halal Guys in South Miami

The Halal Guys finally opened up in Miami! They opened their first location in my neighborhood of South Miami. I am super excited to try spicy halal food with you!

The Halal Guys brand started as a hot dog cart on the streets of NYC in 1990 eventually evolved to include Halal menu items. If you don’t know what Halal is, it means that the food is prepared according to Islamic law. That’s how the chicken and gyro over rice was born.

Their best known for their sauces, their is a white sauce which is sort of like tziki and super spicy red sauce which is really good. You can choose a platter or sandwich of chicken, beef or falafel! Lets go and chow down on their menu!

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I tried a combo (gyro and chicken) platter and a falafel sandwich, both topped off with fries! The white sauce was outstanding but the red sauce is the winner! It is so hot, you need to be careful with this one. If you are not into spicy don’t try the red sauce if you are definitely go for it!

The Halal Guys in South Miami blew me away. It’s fast casual and if you are into Halal food or mediterranean food you have to eat at The Halal Guys!

I hope you all loved this spicy halal food feast at The Halal Guys in South Miami, Florida. Please leave me a comment if you have ever been to the Halal Guys or if you want to go and subscribe to my channel!

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