Gigantic 48 OZ Porterhouse Challenge at Shula’s Steak House in Miami Lakes

I took on the 48 oz Porterhouse Challenge at Shula’s Steak House and I ate the whole thing! If you don’t know who Hall of Fame coach Don Shula is, he coached the 1972 Miami Dolphins to an undefeated record 17-0. This is the only team in NFL history to do this.

Shula’s steakhouse in Miami Lakes is the original. They currently have over two dozen Shula restaurants nation wide. They have the best meats in the world! This is no ordinary food challenge

What is the The Shula Cut? Our Premium Black Angus Beef is hand selected based on 10 science-based specifications in marbling, maturity, uniformity, flavor, appearance, consistency, and tenderness. These custom selections are then aged to perfection for an average of 28 days to optimize flavor and tenderness and then cut to Shula’s industry-leading specifications using only the most desired center cuts.…. creating The Shula Cut®. Less than 1% of all beef sold in America qualifies for The Shula Cut®

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