Incredible Conveyor Belt Sushi Experience at Kara Sushi | Kyoto, Japan

At the end of my first eventful day in Kyoto, I met up with my friend Javier, who is from Miami like me, but lives in Japan! Together we explored the world of Japanese conveyor belt sushi at Kara Sushi Restaurant. Come along with us as we sample some of the city’s best, and most convenient, sushi!

We began our night in a really nice area that contained both Kyoto Tower and Kyoto Station, which is one of the biggest stations in Japan. From there, we went to the top of the station. On the way, we saw a massive light show on one of the station’s staircases. At the top, we got a phenomenal view of Kyoto before passing by restaurants and other retail spaces on our way to the skyway, where we got more great views of the city and Tokyo Tower.

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From there, we caught our train to Nijō Station and set out for Kara Sushi to have some conveyor belt sushi! I was so hungry and could not wait to eat!

Because of the long wait for a table, we decided to sit at the counter to eat, but after 40 minutes, we got a table. There is a tablet you can order from at each table and the conveyor belt of sushi runs alongside the table. Javier recommended tea with sushi instead of beer. You make the tea right at your table! Just be careful; it’s boiling hot!

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Then, we dove into our amazing conveyor belt sushi! I started with some salmon with melted cheese on top, which was buttery, delicious, and super soft. The salmon with onions I had with mayonnaise, soy sauce, and wasabi was delicious, and I followed that with some incredible tuna.

The minced tuna was next, followed by salmon with sticky rice and soy and wasabi. Then I had egg with sticky rice, soy, and wasabi, which I loved! It tasted kind of like tofu!

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We bought some bottled beer and ordered more sushi. The beer was nice and light. I was game for anything and before I knew it, we had a huge spread of different types of sushi on our table.   

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I went with the salmon roe first. The seaweed with it gave it a nice crunch and the roe pops in your mouth when you bite it. Next was a sort of seafood salad wrapped in seaweed, and then shrimp with avocado, mayonnaise, and onions. After that, I went with a type of eel, which was amazing, and salmon with melted cheese, which I also loved.

Next, we tried Inarizushi, which is rice inside a deep-fried pocket of tofu. It was sweet, almost like a combination of honey, rice, and dough. My next selection had tuna, egg, and scallions. It was my favorite of the night so far!

After 19 plates and 38 pieces of sushi, we had finally eaten our fill. I disposed of our plates and watched some anime as a reward. I loved my meal at Kura Sushi and I highly recommend coming here if you want some amazing and inexpensive sushi. Each plate was roughly $1 U.S. each and the beers were 300 Yen/$2.69.

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Whoa, what a night of phenomenal conveyor belt sushi! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my incredible conveyor belt sushi experience in Kyoto! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more awesome travel and food content! 

Where have you been?

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