Massive Beef Bowl Breakfast at Sukiya – Japanese Fast Food + Kyoto Tower | Kyoto, Japan

On the morning of my second day in Kyoto, Japan I decided I wanted to have another beef bowl for breakfast, so I headed out to Sukiya. Sukiya is a local diner chain with more than 2,000 locations in Japan! After filling my belly with authentic Japanese fast food, I visited one of the city’s most prominent landmarks! Come along with me as I continue my exploration of this ancient, traditional Japanese city!

Sukiya is known for using delicious ingredients, leaner beef, high-quality rice and vegetables, and multiple sizes for their dishes. It’s high-quality Japanese fast food! I went with the pork miso & curry soup along with the beef bowl, which comes with sticky rice, onions, and a raw egg. The dishes here are cheap and the service is quick! I couldn’t wait to get my bowl and see just how fast I could get in and out of the restaurant!

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I cracked my egg right over the beef bowl and mixed it in really well before I dug in. The beef was so tasty and juicy and was fantastic with the rice and egg. It’s also an extremely filling way to begin a day because of the huge amount of rice they give you! I recommend adding soy sauce to the eggy rice for a blast of additional flavor!

Next, it was time for the pork miso & curry soup. The broth was incredible and I loved the herbs and pieces of onion and radish in it. The pork was chewy and fatty and the flavors were out of this world! This was like a miso soup on steroids!

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This was the perfect Japanese fast food breakfast for such a cold day! It was hot, filling, and full of sensational flavor. And best of all, it only cost 550 Yen/roughly $5 and I was in and out of the restaurant in about 20 minutes!

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On the way to my next destination, I grabbed a Black Boss cold coffee from a vending machine for 100 Yen/$0.90. Now that I was energized, I set off for Kyoto Tower, which stands high above the rest of the city and is open from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. (final admission is at 8:40).

I got my ticket to go to the observation deck for 770 Yen/$6.93, but the prices differ for high school students, elementary school students, preschool-age children, and people with disabilities. I got on the elevator and rode up to the 11th floor and switched to a second elevator, which took me to the very top, 100 meters above the city!

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The observation deck was really nice and clean, and laid out in a circle so you have 360-degree views of Kyoto. There’s also an interactive map that shows you different attractions, but I believe it’s only in Japanese.

You can also take a better look at the city through the provided binoculars, which include hand-held ones and static ones that are attached to a stand. Another cool feature is that each of the deck’s windows has labels on it, which tells you which attractions are visible from that window!

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I love observation decks so much. They’re a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of the places you visit. I highly recommend them! Kyoto seems to be located in a valley between mountains and while the tower isn’t as tall as the one in Tokyo, the views are still quite breathtaking! It’s a must-visit in Kyoto!

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