Amazing Bento Box on the Bullet Train + Shinkansen Green Car Review | Osaka to Tokyo

After two days in Osaka, my time in the city was already at an end. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to move on to the next phase of my adventures in Japan. To do that, I had to get back to Tokyo. The best and most efficient way to get from Osaka to Tokyo is to take the Shinkansen Bullet Train, which travels at speeds up to 200 miles per hour and makes what could be a day-long car ride a short, 2.5 hour journey. Come along with me as I travel back to Tokyo and review the Shinkansen Green Car!

The first-class Shinkansen Green Car is a bit pricier at 19,230 Yen/$173.82 U.S., but it would be worth it. In this car, you’re given an assigned seat, access to WiFi, a place to store your bags, a place to charge your devices, and access to a nice bathroom. It’s also less crowded, so I’d get a window seat and just get to recline and chill on the way to Tokyo.

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Before I left, I needed to get some food to eat on the train ride, so I did as the locals do and went in search of a Bento Box at Shin-Osaka Station. Japanese train stations are so big and busy, and have so many stores, shops, and restaurants in them that they’re practically shopping malls!

After finding out where my platform was, I bought a Bento Box with fish for 1,100 Yen/$9.94 U.S. With only 20 minutes left before my train left, I had to speed through the maze-like corridors of the station to get to my platform in time! Luckily, I found it with some time to spare after asking for directions.

These trains are incredible! Not only are they super fast and silent, they’re also extremely comfortable! There’s lots of leg room and they even provide blankets. I took a seat away from everyone else so I could talk to the camera without disturbing anyone; according to Japanese etiquette, you have to stay as quiet as possible on public transportation.

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I found out I was on an earlier train than the one my ticket was for, but it was fine. I’d get to Tokyo ten minutes earlier than expected!

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As is the case nearly everywhere in Japan, they gave me a hand towel onboard the Shinkansen Green Car. After just 15 minutes, we arrived in Kyoto. I changed my seat after a passenger sat in front of me so I wouldn’t disturb him. My Bento Box had a picture of Osaka Castle on the outside. It contained eel, fish, pickled ginger, rice, vegetables, and more!

The eel was nice and tender without being too chewy. The fish went really well with the sticky rice, which had a flaky crust on top. I think it might have been bonito flakes.

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There were also some dense and tasty mushrooms. They had been marinated in soy sauce. There was also a radish with really intense flavor. I loved the pickled ginger with the eel, which was was out of this world. I was surprised the Bento Box didn’t come with soy sauce or wasabi, but it was still amazing.

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When you ride in the Shinkansen Green Car, you can also order drinks from the cart that goes by. They have coffee, sake, and beer, so you have different options depending on what you like.

With 90 minutes to go and a stop at Nagoya coming up, I give you a quick tour of the bathroom. It’s located between cars 7 and 8. There’s even a private smoking room where you can wash your hands afterward. There’s also a trash receptacle, where I threw away the remains of my Bento Box.

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As the ride continued, I took a brief nap but woke up in time to get a sweet view of Mount Fuji out the window. It’s so beautiful! My adventures over the next few days would take me to the area around the mountain and I couldn’t wait!

After arriving at Tokyo Station, I requested a black car Uber, which is super expensive in Tokyo. But I had so many bags, it was the only way to travel to my hotel. It cost me $41 for a 25-minute ride. I had to wait a few hours before I could check in, so I explored for a bit until then.

I hope you enjoyed my Shinkansen Green Car review and Bento Box experience! If you did, please give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out on any of my upcoming travel/food content!

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