Michelin Star Chinese Breakfast at The PuLi Hotel & Spa + King Suite Tour | Shanghai, China

In April of 2019, I had the pleasure of getting hired by Renault for a one-day job in Shanghai. I knew I had to spend more than a day in China, so I extended my trip to 12 days so I’d have enough time to explore a few cities properly. In addition to Shanghai, I also ate my way through Suzhou and Hangzhou and learned a lot about the history and culture along the way. Come along with me as I take you to have a Michelin Star Chinese breakfast at my hotel and give you a tour of my suite!

After arriving back in Shanghai to begin a one-day job with Renault, my sixth day in China began at the luxurious PuLi Hotel & Spa. The PuLi Hotel & Spa has 193 rooms, a gym, and the Phénix Restaurant, which has one Michelin Star. It’s so quiet inside the hotel. It puts you in Zen mode right away. Inside the lobby is a super long table and a gorgeous seating area. It’s so unique and so Chinese and is definitely one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at.

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I was really hungry and wanted to beat the crowds, so I headed up to the Phénix Restaurant to try a Michelin Star Chinese breakfast! Their dining room is enormous, with two tables, a Continental-like breakfast, sofas, and a buffet with tons of options like buns, fruit, cheese, cold cuts, salmon, and more. There’s a larger room, but I took a private one instead.

At the bottom of the menu are seven Chinese specialties for 75 Yuan/roughly $11 U.S. each. I went with the doubled-boiled chicken broth pork wontons, stir-fried Shanghai noodles, and egg fried rice. I’d had the other four items, so I wanted to switch it up!

I drank a double espresso while I waited. I started with the pork wontons. They were a little different and came with super-thin noodles. There were only 3 wontons, but that’s how it is in Michelin star restaurants. The portions are always really small, but the quality of the food is always astronomical.

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The wontons were like a pork ball with a little bit of wonton wrapper around it. It was kind of like a fish. Then, I went with the noodles, which kind of reminded me of the delicate glass noodles from Thailand. It was worth the price!

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Then, I went with the egg fried rice, which came with burnt onions on top. It was my first fried rice dish in China! It was incredible. The egg was cut up throughout the dish. It wasn’t oily, either. It was just right and had a nice crunch for the onions. I wasn’t sure if it was worth the price, but it was tasty!

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I continued my Michelin Star Chinese breakfast with the stir-fried Shanghai noodles. The sauce was like a red, glazy sauce and the noodles had spring onion and other vegetables in it.

Then I went over to the buffet to get a pork bun, a vegetable bun, a custard bun for dessert, and a pork rice dumpling. I grabbed some soy sauce and another coffee. I started with the pork rice dumpling, which is famous in Shanghai. It’s condensed and tastes more like a grain and feels like a potsticker.

The pork bun was bite-sized and super soft. I love pork buns so much! The vegetable bun was next. It was shaped differently and contained some kind of meat that might have been pork. Amazing! Then I went with the custard bun, which was really sweet and was the perfect way to end my meal!

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Then I went up to my room, a Grand King Suite on the 6th floor. My suite was so sick! There was a great bed, a huge couch where I could work, a table where I put my equipment, a flat-screen TV you could move around, a lovely bathroom with a tub and sink and two closets. There was also a huge shower and a separate toilet. It was simple, elegant, and chic!

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I also had a view of the park! The bathtub overlooks the park and is the perfect place to relax. I highly recommend staying at the PuLi Hotel & Spa when you come to Shanghai. It has everything you could possibly want!

If you enjoyed joining me for my incredible, Michelin Star Chinese breakfast and my King Suite tour, please give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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