The Best Chinese Dim Sum in Boston’s Chinatown + Egg Tart | Boston, Massachusetts

On the morning of my second and final day in Boston, I headed to the local Chinatown to have the best Chinese dim sum in the city’s best Cantonese restaurant! Join me as I try five of Bubor Cha Cha’s best Chinese dim sum dishes and then head over to Bao Bao Bakery for a delicious Cantonese egg tart!

Boston’s Chinatown dates all the way back to 1895 and is the beating heart of the Chinese community in Bean Town. It was 8:30 a.m., so the city was starting to come alive and people were coming out. Lots of businesses were opening. This area is really cool and unique. It didn’t remind me much of San Francisco’s Chinatown, which is more hilly.

There were lots of Taiwanese flags everywhere. I looked for the restaurant and eventually, a woman pointed me in the right direction. Bubor Cha Cha has a massive dim sum menu of over 50 items, which are usually meant to be split among a group or a couple. Since I had no one with me, I was only going to order maybe 5 things!

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I took a look at their menu to decide what I wanted. I got some piping hot green tea and ordered some shrimp dumplings, steamed barbecue pork buns, steamed shrimp rice noodles, tofu skin rolls with pork and brown sauce, and the shrimp and pork paste rice noodles. I could certainly see why this was considered Boston’s best Chinese dim sum!

First up were the shrimp rice noodles. Each piece contained two shrimp and was really spongy. The shrimp were nice and plump and the dish overall was gelatinous and really tasty!

Next were the shrimp dumplings, which were still really hot. I dipped them into the brown sauce from the shrimp rice noodles. The dumplings were soupy on the inside, kind of like a xiaolongbao. The dough was gelatinous but delicious and there were big chunks of shrimp inside.

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With a pork bun, you take the paper off the bottom. It was still really hot, but I couldn’t wait. It was so fluffy, with lots of sweet and savory pork inside. The sauce is unreal!

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Next were the tofu skin rolls, which looked super hot, but was still really delicious. I loved the texture. It’s spongy and a little rubbery and contains pork. It was phenomenal!

The final dish was the shrimp pork rice noodle, which was amazing. The shrimp and pork, combined with the chives, wrapped in the delicious noodle, was outstanding. I tried the second one with some soy sauce and let it cool off a bit. It slips right down your throat! This really was Boston’s best Chinese dim sum. I was blown away by it!

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Then I packed up the rest of the food to give to someone outside. Never waste food!

The employees at Bubor Cha Cha were super friendly and recommended I go over to Bao Bao Bakery for an egg tart, so I headed back out. I couldn’t wait to try it! There are so many different things from China in the display cases. The egg tart only cost $1.25!

I posted up right on the street. The tart had a nice, crispy crust and a bright, yellow filling. This is a really popular dish in China. The filling was almost like a soft crème brulee. I loved the dough and the crust, and the contrast in the textures. It was super sweet and really decadent!

Then I grabbed a green honeydew boba tea. It has little gelatin balls on the bottom and comes with a big straw you can suck them out with. It was amazing!

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I headed back out to find someone to give the rest of my dim sum. I had about 90 minutes until my flight. I didn’t want to film too much near the gate and I requested an Uber to take me to the airport.

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Just like that, I was at the airport! I checked in but couldn’t get upgraded, but it was fine. I was recognized by a fan and then, I was on my way back to Miami! It’s usually a 3-hour flight but took a little less. My next-door neighbor was on the flight with me, so he was going to take me home. What a coincidence!

I hope you liked coming with me to try Boston’s Chinatown’s best Chinese dim sum! If you did, please give me a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food videos!

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