Albanian Alps Food!! Exploring Ice Cold Waterfall & Mountain Attractions | Theth, Albania

My fifth day in Albania continued in the beautiful mountain town of Theth in the Albanian Alps! Come along with me as I try some Albanian Alps food and explore an ice-cold waterfall and mountain attractions in Theth, Albania!

My morning in Theth National Park (Parku Kombëtar i Thethit) with my friends at Travel Albanian Alps was off to an amazing start. Theth is located in northern Albania, about a 3-hour drive from Shkodër. Theth is absolutely gorgeous, and the quality of the air there is pristine! The mountain scenery is just stunning!

I couldn’t wait to explore Theth, including a local waterfall and church, and eat at a local guesthouse! You should spend about 2-3 days here, but I only had five or six hours due to my jam-packed schedule, so I wanted to fit in as much as I could!

First, I met up with my friend Andy from Travel Albania Alps at Logu i Harushave, our guesthouse in Theth. They have 25 rooms and 3 cottages and serve fresh, traditional, farm-to-table food. I tried some of their rakija, which was so smooth it was like water. I’d get to try some of their Albanian food later, but first, it was time to explore Theth, Albania!

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We would visit a waterfall, which requires a 45-minute hike to get to. The Blue Eye, which I wouldn’t get to visit, is 2.5 hours away. We passed by the Kisha e Thethit, or the Church of Theth, which dates back to 1892 and was currently under construction. There were people camping on the grounds!

Then, it was time to hike along a rocky path to the waterfall. I suggest wearing hiking boots, but my sneakers held up fine. We made a right at a cross and passed an old home, which looked epic. We were right by the river, so we could hear the rushing water. Then, we crossed a bridge with some missing planks. You have to be careful when crossing it!

On the other side of the bridge is an old house with lots of branches piled up outside. Nearby was a map of the park. The hike was moderate since it was 45 minutes and a slow hike. I drank some water from a stream and continued down the path. We passed a cow and a tiny waterfall, and climbed some boulders to get our first glimpse of Waterfall Theth.

The waterfall was gorgeous! I took off my shoes to wade into the pool below the falls. The water was frigid! It was so icy! I had to stand on a rock after 20 seconds because my feet were freezing! My feet were numb afterward!

Then, we headed back to town. The hike was a bit tougher because of the rocks and the steepness of parts of the trail. Then, we stopped at a wooden bar with an amazing view of the mountains and valley. Their rakija was light and smooth!

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Next, we visited Lock-In Tower, the defense tower of Theth. It was built on a huge boulder, so the floor is rock. Upstairs, we met a man who played a traditional instrument for us! There are some wool seats, some low tables with coffee, and pictures on the walls. On the third level is more carpet, a small chest, and tiny windows where archers would fire at invaders. There was also an old rifle! The tower dates back over 400 years!

Then, we headed back to Logu i Harushave guesthouse for an Albanian mountain food lunch back in Theth, Albania. There was a fountain on the grounds where I filled up a glass of pure mountain water. For lunch, we had a tomato-and-cucumber salad, fried potatoes, goat cheese, homemade yogurt, grilled vegetables, cheese-spinach-and-onion byrek, baked potatoes, and local beef. We also had rakija and wine. I went with the rakija!

The cheese and potatoes were amazing. The beef was outstanding, and the cigar-shaped byrek was hot but so fresh! But I kept going back to the beef. It was nice and gelatinous and super organic. I loved dipping it into the yogurt!

The roasted red pepper and eggplant were also outstanding. It was the best beef I’ve had in Albania! The byrek was also the best I’d had so far! It was crispy and the combination of cheese, onion, and spinach was next-level!

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The guesthouse’s cottages have mirrored windows so you can’t see inside, but people inside can see outside. The cottages are all wood and have a king-sized bed and a spot to hang your clothes. There’s only a glass wall separating the room from the bathroom, so you can see into it! It was incredible. It was like a nice mountain cabin!

I loved the guesthouse. I also saw one of their rooms, which has a king-sized bed and a twin bed. Further upstairs were more rooms with two twin-sized beds and a king-sized bed. The bathrooms were all really clean and nice. But the best part about the guesthouse was the amazing view of Theth and the sound of the mountain wilderness!

What an incredible day exploring the wonders of Theth, from the authentic Albanian Alps food to the waterfall and the beautiful mountain attractions in Theth, Albania!  I have to thank my friends at Travel Albanian Alps, Balkan Pearls Tour Operator, and Rental Car Albania for making these adventures possible!

I hope you liked exploring the Albanian Alps and their food in Theth, Albania with me! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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