Welcome to the Albania hub at David’s Been Here! Here, you will find all of my travel guides and travel episodes from my time in Albania. I had the pleasure of exploring it almost in full in August and October of 2020. I teamed up with Balkan Pearls Tour OperatorRental Car AlbaniaTravel Albanian Alps, and Travel Media EU to explore as much of the country as I could over 14 incredible days.

My trip began in the charming capital city of Tirana. Then, I headed to the Kruje, Shkoder, and Theth in northern Albania. From there, we explored central Albania, and finally, the gorgeous beach resorts along the Albanian Riviera in the far south.

Along the way, I fully immersed myself in Albanian culture. I visited archaeological sites, farms, natural wonders, and historic cities. I also tried tons of incredible local foods like trahana, byrek, and fërgesë. Of course, I also had a lot of rakija, one of my all-time favorite drinks!

Below, please find all of my Albania city guides and travel episodes. On the right, you can also navigate by city if you choose. I hope they inspire you to visit this underrated gem on the Adriatic Sea. It’s overflowing with beautiful sites and is filled with warm, kind-hearted people!

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