Giant Brazilian Sandwich!! Huge Cheese Gaucho & Attractions Tour | Porto Alegre, Brazil

With another adventure in Brazil upon me, my friends and I headed out to try more Brazilian food! Come with us as we try a giant Brazilian sandwich and check out the attractions in Porto Alegre, Brazil!

My afternoon in Porto Alegre began at William & Sons Coffee Co. with my friends Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun and Rio4Food. They make the best coffee in town! It’s located in an old house in the middle of a bunch of tall residential towers!

The coffee shop is a small but very cool hipster cafe. I could see them roasting the coffee, and they have bags of it on shelves on the wall. I got the longo, which is a double espresso. It was dark and strong and high-quality because everything is done in-house. It’s the perfect place for coffee lovers. The aroma of the coffee is fantastic and it woke me up!

Next, I tried their pão de queijo, which was freshly baked and full of gooey, slightly salty artisan cheese. I hadn’t had one with this much cheese in it. I loved it and couldn’t stop eating it!

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This neighborhood is very hilly with a steep uphill climb. It’s very beautiful, with lots of trees and a mix of mid-rises, high-rises, and gated houses. The city was very different from Sao Paolo, Curitiba, and Florianopolis.

We drove downtown to the boardwalk on the ocean, where there are several small bars and a unique restaurant called Poa 360 Gastrobar over the water. It’s all glass and gives you a 360-degree view of the ocean! There isn’t a beach in town, but there is a small stretch of sand.

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On the beach, I enjoyed a Brahma beer from 1888. It’s a light, crisp Pilsen and is similar to a Corona beer. This boardwalk area is popular for rollerblading, biking, boating, and jet skiing. It’s also a great place to view the sunset!

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From there, we drove through downtown to Lancheria do Parque for some food. Parts of the city reminded me of Los Angeles because of the tall, thin palm trees.

Lancheria do Parque is a traditional bakery and diner where you can get an entire blender full of juice for $1.50 USD, which they bring to your table so you can keep filling up your cup. They also sell massive hot dogs, pasteles, sweets, pão de queijo, and gaucho sandwiches, which are full of cheese. Their biggest is the chicken heart sandwich, so that’s the one I got! We also enjoyed some fresh watermelon juice.

The size of our toasted chicken heart gaucho sandwich was massive. It had a huge bun and also contains egg, corn, lettuce, mushrooms, and mayo. It was like the craziest cheeseburger I’ve ever had in my life and only cost $3 USD.

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It was so delicious and creamy and full of different textures! It’s juicy, crispy, gooey, and fresh, and blew away every burger I’ve ever had. I liked having the chicken hearts instead of a beef patty. It didn’t feel industrial like American fast food, either!

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Next, we had some fresh passionfruit-mango-orange juice. It was a little sour and sweet,  and the passionfruit flavor really came through. Our bill came to just R$35/$7 for everything! The guy there even gave me a couple of sweets to try. The coconut ball was like dulce de leche, and the chocolate was pure chocolate and super sweet!

Then, we headed to a local beer spot called Apolinário, which felt like an Irish pub. It’s a bit hidden, so you have to hunt for it! They have hundreds of craft beers there, including 8 drafts on tap. I got a light, sessionable IPA to end my day. The bar is nice and cozy and a great place to unwind!

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Immerse yourself in the culinary wonders of Porto Alegre, Brazil, hailed as the Meat Capital of the country, through our curated list of activities and attractions.

What an incredible experience going on a giant Brazilian sandwich and attractions tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil! Huge thanks to Guilherme and Rafa for bringing me here, and to the Hotel Intercity Cidade Baixa for hosting us. I highly recommend staying there when you come to Porto Alegre!

I hope you liked coming with me to have a giant Brazilian sandwich on my attractions tour of Porto Alegre, Brazil! If you did, please give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment below. Also, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my travel/food adventures around the world!

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