Camel Meat Restaurant in Muscat, Oman 🇴🇲

I couldn’t explore the beautiful city of Muscat, Oman without dining on one of the country’s top specialties: camel meat! Come with me as I have an unbelievable experience at a camel meat restaurant!

We’d have it all in an authentic setting and then go on a hike to a hot spring! I was there with my friends and guides Ahmed and Hussain from Oman Travels. We started our food adventure by taking off our shoes and heading inside.

Inside the Camel Meat Restaurant

Camel meat dishes in Muscat, Oman

In the kitchens, we saw four types of rice and lots of camel meat! The camel meat slow-cooking in gravy looked unbelievable. I learned that the dish consists of the entire camel, including tender meat and big chunks of fat! All of the rice dishes also contained camel fat. Each one looked different!

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There was also fried camel, camel soup with bones, and camel with vegetables. I tried a bit of tasty camel fat and the meat. It was gamy and lean, and very flavorful!

Camel Meat Restaurant Feast

Camel meat feast in Muscat, Oman

We got a bit of all five different rices and four different types of camel, some camel broth, and a salad. The camel with salt had a tender consistency and was very lean.

We also had camel with gravy, stir-fried camel with peppers, and camel with onions. The one with onions had a bit of sweetness to it, and the camel with gravy was like a delicious camel curry. I loved the cardamom in it!

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The camel meat stir-fry contained bell peppers, onions, and chilies. It felt earthier and I really liked the bell pepper in it. The camel broth was also insanely flavorful. Then, we added the different camel dishes on top of the rice.

The camel fat almost reminded me of bacon. Hussain had to try it since he’d never had it before, but he didn’t like it. I loved adding the light tomato sauce to the platter. My favorite was definitely the rich camel in gravy!

I also really enjoyed the rice soaked in camel fat. It was so rich! Then, we added the salad as our friend Ahmed joined us. And finally, we laid back on the pillows to rest before we left.

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Exploring the Hot Springs

A hot spring outside of Muscat, Oman

After finishing up at the camel meat restaurant, we drove outside of Muscat through the beautiful, rocky desert terrain. I changed into my bathing suit in the car and Ahmed and I got out and hiked through a village.

It felt like I was hiking through somewhere in Africa! We saw the irrigation channels the villagers use for their crops. Then, we continued through private properties and past palm trees. It was so quiet and peaceful.

Finally, we clambered over some rocks and made it to the spring. There were a lot of sharp rocks around, so you have to be careful. I hit my head on one! Then, we jumped into the water. It was hot and relaxing!

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There are even small fish in the water that nibble at your feet. It’s the free version of the experience you pay for in Thailand!

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