David’s Been Here Hot Sauce: A Culinary Adventure in a Bottle

David’s Been Here is a renowned, one-stop-shop travel brand that combines travel inspiration and tips with travel-inspired products. Known for its CEO David Hoffmann’s global culinary adventures, David’s Been Here unveiled its latest offering, David’s Been Here Hot Sauce, in 2023. This unique hot sauce encapsulates David’s intense love for spicy foods, global flavors, and his roots in Latin America.

David’s Been Here hot sauce: The inspiration

David Hoffmann, the founder of David’s Been Here, hails from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Growing up in cultural melting pot, David grew accustomed to various tantalizing flavors at an early age.

His upbringing in a predominantly Latin-American community played a significant role in shaping his taste buds. These influences are prominent in his hot sauce.

“This hot sauce represents me, my heritage, and my upbringing. I wanted it to have a unique, Latin-American flair with tropical flavors that remind you of Miami.”

David Hoffmann

A symphony of global flavors

David wanted his sauce to mirror the sweet and tangy flavors of his hometown. As a result, he incorporated real guava and pineapple into the recipe, giving the sauce a sweet burst of flavor that enhances any dish.

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David's Been Here hot sauce is a tantalizing blend of pineapple, guava, and Kashmiri chilies | David's Been Here

As an avid traveler, David wanted his sauce to echo his global journeys. To achieve this, he added Kashishmiri chilies to the mix, a tribute to his four trips to India between 2018 and 2020. These smoky and potent chilies not only add a mild kick to his sauce, but also represent the transformative power travel has had on David’s life.

David’s Been Here hot sauce: Perfect for any dish

The hot sauce strikes a perfect balance between sweetness, tanginess, and a hint of heat. It’s designed to provide a gentle tingle to your palate without overwhelming your taste buds. His sauce is crafted to complement, not overpower, the flavors of the food it’s paired with.

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David's hot sauce pairs perfectly with anything it's paired with, including meat, vegetables, fish, poultry, rice, and more | David's Been Here

This sauce is a versatile condiment that pairs well with a wide range of dishes. Whether you’re grilling meats, scrambling eggs, sautéing vegetables, or even tossing noodles, a dash of David’s Been Here hot sauce can elevate your meal’s flavor.

A collaboration with SuYum Foods: Quality and authenticity

David partnered with Su Yum Foods, a Tampa-based company specializing in Caribbean-inspired sauces, rubs, and spice blends, to ensure the quality and authenticity of his hot sauce. Crafted with love and care in small batches, David’s sauce is a testament to their shared commitment to quality.

David's Been Here hot sauce is a collaboration between David Hoffmann and Su Yum Foods | David's Been Here

David was adamant about maintaining the highest quality standards for his hot sauce. This commitment includes its ingredient list — real fruit, chilies, and nothing else! It contains no preservatives, thickeners, fillers, or added sugars.

  1. Real Fruit
  2. Chilies
  3. No Preservatives
  4. No Thickeners
  5. No Fillers
  6. No Added Sugars
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David’s Been Here hot sauce is now available on Amazon

David’s hot sauce is more than just a condiment. It’s a representation of David’s heritage, his travels, and his passion for world cuisines. With each bite, you’ll experience a burst of flavors that’ll transport you to different corners of the world.

David's Been Here's tropical and Indian-inspired hot sauce is now available on Amazon | David's Been Here

You can now embark on this culinary adventure from the comfort of your home. David’s Been Here hot sauce is available in 5-ounce bottles on Amazon. It’s the perfect size to carry with you wherever you go, whether you’re driving to a barbecue or jet-setting across the globe.

Become a member for $5/month!

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