The Best Duck Curry in Guyana!

As my time in Guyana came to an end, I knew I had to go out with a bang. Come with me as I enjoy one last meal in Georgetown, Guyana and have some of the best duck curry in the country!

My guide Stacey and I would be headed to Bistro Café & Bar, which is a nice, modern restaurant known for their award-winning duck curry. Inside, they led us into the kitchen, where they immediately showed us the duck curry.

Inside Bistro Café & Bar

The jerk chicken wings at Bistro Cafe & Bar in Georgetown, Guyana | Davidsbeenhere

They also had snapper, chicken wings, and other dishes. Bistro Café & Bar has a fusion menu, onion rings, bar food, and more. They even have wine! We started with some jerk chicken wings and their Montes Alpha 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon.

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The gravy on the duck curry looked outstanding. I couldn’t wait to dig into it! The wine was really good and rich. It would pair really nicely with the rich duck curry.

The jerk chicken wings were very flavorful and had a bit of spice to them. They use their own jerk spice seasoning. I could taste the cumin in it.

Is it Duck Curry or Curry Duck?

The award-winning duck curry at Bistro Cafe & Bar in Georgetown, Guyana | Davidsbeenhere

Next, we jumped on the duck curry (not curry duck, as they say in Trinidad and Tobago!), which we ate with flaky dal puri. The meat was so tender and juicy, and it was full of flavor because it was so close to the bone. The dal puri was also really nice. The peas in it were really good. But I couldn’t get enough of the duck curry and its gravy!

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I was in love with this dish! Then, I tried some of the dal with some rice and the duck curry. It was a really nice mix! And the win paired nicely with it! I couldn’t help but finish every grain of rice. Then, I made sure to lick the plate because the gravy was too good to leave!

This duck curry was easily one of my favorite dishes of the entire trip. I made sure to soak up all of the gravy with the dal puri. Then, I cleansed my palate with some coconut water.

Bistro Wine & Champagne Bar

Fresh sushi rolls at Bistro Wine & Champagne Bar | Davidsbeenhere

From there, we headed to Bistro Wine & Champagne Bar at Movie Town Complex. They have an amazing ambience and have champagne bottles on the wall as you walk in!

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In the kitchen, I watched them prepare us some sushi rolls and some red sangria, tuna rolls, and unagi. We also had steamed dumplings, shrimp tempura, and more. It’s international food, so it’s not traditional Guyanese!

My first roll contained shrimp and avocado and was coated in panko bread crumbs. I loved it! Next was the jalapeno roll, which was really nice, and the unagi, which was our favorite!

The dumplings came with a sweet and sour sauce. We went with the chicken dumpling first, which contained chives and had pulled chicken inside. It was nice and light.

The pork dumpling was juicier and heavier, and had some thyme flavor and was much heavier, but more flavorful. The duck curry was my favorite dish of the day, but I loved the dumplings and sushi, too!

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