Guyanese Food Tour of Georgetown, Guyana

My first day in Guyana continued with a late-night street food tour of the capital, Georgetown! Come with me as I try some Guyanese food after dark!

After visiting Bourda Market and Backyard Cafe earlier in the day, my guide Stacey from Visit Guyana and I started our late-night food adventure on Sherriff Street. There, we’d try some local fast food! It’s the place to go for quick, easy, and tasty foods!

Guyanese Burgers in Georgetown, Guyana

A cook prepares a grilled boneless chicken burger at Crazy Burgers, a popular Guyanese food vendor in Georgetown, Guyana | Davidsbeenhere
Crazy Burgers is an amazing Guyanese food spot in Georgetown.

Our first stop was Crazy Burgers, where you can buy burgers, fried chicken, and more. They built us a burger with ketchup, cabbage, red onion, garlic mayo, mustard, and a mountain of grilled boneless chicken, topped with shredded white cheese!

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The burger was exceptional. It was juicy and creamy, with a prominent garlic flavor. I added a bit of spice to mine, which made it peppery. It was so delicious, but I had to pace myself!

It was raining hard that night, so we waited a bit for it to calm down after a guy from a Guyanese food truck across the street invited us to try his burgers!

Unique Guyanese Food: Hawaiian Fish Burgers

The massive Hawaiian fish burger at King & Queens Bar-B-Que, which comes topped with onions, turkey bacon, caramelized onions, pineapple, a fried egg, and more | Davidsbeenhere
The Hawaiian fish burger at King & Queens Bar-B-Que is one of the tastiest burgers I’ve ever eaten.

At King & Queens Bar-B-Que, we saw that they had chicken and beef burgers, grilled beef, milkshakes, and more. They’d be making us their special Hawaiian fish burger. Their slogan is “One bite and you’re hooked!” They deep-fried some onions and fried some eggs. I tried their super spicy pepper sauce, their special house sauce, and their amazing barbecue sauce.

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They toasted the buns, added a creamy relish, and topped it with the fish dipped in the barbecue sauce. Then, they add turkey bacon, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mustard, pineapple, and fried egg.

This unique Guyanese food was massive and full of contrasting textures. It was finger-licking good! I loved the garlic in their house sauce. The spice level was subtle and the pineapple added a nice acidity and sweetness. It was the perfect tropical fish burger!

Wild Burger: The Perfect Late-Night Guyanese Food

The Sloppy Joe-like beef burger at Wild Burgers, which is a delicious Guyanese food in Georgetown | Davidsbeenhere
Wild Burgers sells a messy, Sloppy Joe-like burger along with hearty wraps.

Next, we drove less than a minute to Wild Burger, where they make wraps and burgers. I watched them make a chicken wrap, but we’d be getting a beef burger. They use ground beef and add hot dogs, ketchup, pineapple, onion, mustard, and an egg. It’s a massive, messy burger that looks almost like a Sloppy Joe!

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The burger was so good. It was so saucy, but I had to add a bit of spicy sauce. The fluffy bun absorbed everything. The toppings fall out as you eat, so I couldn’t help but lick the paper. It was unbelievable! What an awesome, calorie-filled Guyanese food tour of Sherriff Street in Georgetown!

Where have you been?

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