Egg Ball & Cook-Up Rice in Georgetown, Guyana!

As my time in Georgetown, Guyana continued, I set out late at night to go on an epic Guyanese street food tour to get an egg ball, cook-up rice, and more!

In this episode, my guide, Stacey from Visit Guyana, and I explore the Seawall area. I’d loved all of the Guyanese dishes I tried so far, and I couldn’t wait to explore more of them!

The Pink Stop

A styrofoam container filled with fried fish nuggets and fried plantain fries | Davidsbeenhere
Guyanese fish and chips puts a tropical twist on an English classic.

Although the egg ball is the most popular Guyanese street food, we started at The Pink Stop, where a fan of mine came up to me and gave me a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout! I love Guinness beers! Then, at The Pink Stop, I watched them cut up and soak some plantains. They also had some rice, but I was here for the fish and chips. But instead of potatoes, they fry the plantains!

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They battered and fried some fish and gave it to me alongside the fried plantains. We also had hot sauce, ketchup, and a creamy tartar sauce containing mayonnaise, lime, and pepper. The plantains with the sauces were fantastic. The tartar sauce was perfectly balanced with the mayo and the lime!

I also loved the fish, which paired perfectly with the plantains. It was so tasty and crispy on the outside, while still soft on the inside! Then, we jumped on the barbecue chicken and cook-up rice, which is a popular rice dish in Guyana. This version contains black-eyed peas and corn, along with coconut milk and lots of spices!

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You can also cook lots of meats with it, too! It reminded me of Colombian sticky rice dishes I’ve had, and the coconut gave it a nice richness. The chicken had a nice char on it and was very juicy and tender. It was light on the barbecue sauce and allowed the chicken’s smoky flavor to come through.

Then, they brought us a massive container of just barbecue sauce for us to dip the ckicken into! It was good enough to drink! I even liked dipping the rice and plantains into it! This place is open every day, rain or shine! Then, it was time to get an egg ball!

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Exclusive Egg Ball, Inc.

A mound of freshly prepared egg ball in a green tray | Davidsbeenhere
Egg balls are a phenomenal and popular street food snack in Guyana.

Then, we drove to Exclusive Egg Ball, Inc., where they make the #1 street food in Guyana, egg balls. The women make them fresh with eggs and cassava, and then throw the in the fryer. They make 9,000 per day! The egg balls come out perfectly golden and crispy and then they top them with a delicious mango sauce!

They have the most famous egg ball in Guyana! They’re perfectly crispy and the sauce is both sweet and a little tangy. It’s simple and unique! I loved the delicious egg and the cassava. It was all so delicious!

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Where have you been?

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