Barbados Food Truck Heaven in Worthing Square

After a full day of getting introduced to Bajan food in Barbados, I headed over to a food truck area to get some Bajan street food at night!

My friend Craig and I went over to Worthing Square, which is an area known for its food trucks. They offer everything from Venezuelan food to shawarma to Trini food to Bajan food, and a lot more!

Arepitas Arepas

A chicken empanada at Arepitas in Barbados | Davidsbeenhere

Our first stop at Arepitas, where I wanted to get a reina pepiada, which is the best arepa on the planet. We also got an empanada de pollo (chicken empanada). Inside, we saw them grilling the arepas before they split them open and stuffed them with cheese, meat, avocado, and guasacaca. 

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They made another arepa that they stuffed with chicken salad and avocados and guasacaca. Then, I watched the make the chicken empanada from scratch.

My reina pepiada was fantastic. They’re basically fried corn sandwiches and are so flavorful and hearty. They have so many different textures inside! While we ate, the guy in the window, Nathan, gifted us some tequeños as well!

The tequeños are basically mozzarella sticks and are one of my favorite things to eat at a wedding. Then, we added some of my guava and pineapple David’s Been Here hot sauce to the arepas. It adds a tropical sweetness and a tiny amount of spice. It’s really good and goes with everything!

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The people at Arepitas were so nice, but I was already getting full and I had a lot more dishes to try!

Middle Eastern Barbados Food

The Thunderbird Combo is an Indian-inspired Barbados food in Worthington Square | Davidsbeenhere

From there, we headed over to a truck selling Middle Eastern foods, including shawarma and kebabs! The people there are from Syria. The kebabs looked amazing. They toast the bread over the grill and the meats, and add garlic sauce, vegetables, and the kebabs before they wrap it up and press it in a panini maker. It cost us 50 BBD for 3 kebab wraps.

Unfortunately, it started raining, so a lot of the food trucks started closing. We took our kebabs to a table and started eating. The fish kebab was smoky and a little spicy, and very juicy and tender. Then, I tried a bit of the lamb kebab, which was my favorite. Craig’s chicken was also super tender!

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I also loved eating the pita with the tarator, or garlic sauce. Back inside the kitchen, I watched them make the Thunderbird Combo, which are basically Indian-inspired tacos with chicken topped with cucumbers and onions. They went extremely well with my David’s Been Here Hot Sauce!

The Thunderbirds were excellent and had some nice Indian spices in them. I liked the flaky flatbread and onions, and adding the David’s Been Here Hot Sauce took it to another level! The vegetables on top were very refreshing!

Bella’s Desserts

David Hoffmann and his guides Craig and Nerissa eating Bailey's Cheesecake from Bella's Desserts | Davidsbeenhere

Our final stop was Bella’s Desserts, where they sell nine different cakes. They recommended the Bailey’s cheesecake, which was ridiculous. It had caramel on top and an Oreo crust on the bottom. It was a fantastic way to end our night! 

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