Pebbles Beach, Barbados: Street Food & Bar Tour!

With my final adventure in Barbados upon me, I headed to Pebbles Beach on the southern coast of the island. There’s a famous place to eat there called Cuzz’ Cutters’s Fish Shack, and some other food and drink shops. I couldn’t wait to explore them!

My friends Craig and Nerissa joined me at Cherise’s Cooler Bar, where they sell rum punch, mojitos, whiskey sours, pina coladas, and more. We went with three rum punches with spices in them. They cost roughly $5 USD each. They were tasty but you need to be careful—they’re deceptively strong!

Fish Cutters on Pebbles Beach

David Hoffmann and his friend Nerissa eating fish cutter sandwiches from Cuzz's Fish Shack on Pebbles Beach | Davidsbeenhere

Meanwhile, Nerissa had been in line at Cuzz’s Fish Shack for 20 minutes holding our spot. We got three fish cutters, which they cook to order. They’re fish sandwiches that use fresh marlin and a fluffy bun, along with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and more. They cost about $6 USD each and are a great snack to eat on Pebbles Beach.

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I loved the marlin and the salt bread, as well as the freshness of the vegetables. It was really tender, and the fish was seasoned really nicely. You can also get a double fish cutter if you want.

Dinner at the Airport

A closeup of the Catch, a fish sandwich containing red snapper, tomatoes, and lettuce | Davidsbeenhere

Then, we left Pebbles Beach to see what else we could do! It was a chill day, so we didn’t have anything planned. Eventually, we headed to the airport to see the planes land before heading to The Tiki Bar for dinner and drinks.

I went with a beer and the Catch Sandwich, which contains red snapper, tomatoes, and lettuce, and added pepper sauce. It was delicious! I loved the pepper sauce, as it wasn’t too spicy. I was loving the food in Barbados. The people here are so kind, and the food is absolutely epic!

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What a fantastic way to end my time in Barbados!

Where have you been?

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