Visiting Chefette: The Best Fast Food in Barbados

When in Rome, do as the locals do. So with midnight approaching on a Saturday night in Barbados, I headed out to one of the most famous fast food spots on the island, Chefette, which happens to be a favorite of local hero and pop superstar Rihanna!

My friends Craig and Nerissa and I headed out to the original Chefette restaurant, which is sometimes open until 3 in the morning! This is the other side of Bajan cuisine, far from traditional staples like flying fish and black pudding and souse. Chefette is known for its burgers, pizza, roti, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, ice cream, broasted chicken, macaroni pie, and a lot more. And you can only find Chefette in Barbados!

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Visiting Chefette

The snack box at Chefette, containing two pieces of fried chicken, French fries, and a roll | Davidsbeenhere

We went inside Chefette, but they didn’t let us film, so we went through the drive-through instead. We went with a snack box, a 9-piece nugget with barbecue sauce, chicken and potato roti, a barbecued chicken sandwich, and a barbecued burger. Our total came to $30 USD. Then, we posted up on the hood of Craig’s car!

The snack box contained two pieces of fried chicken, fries, and a roll. The chicken drumstick was crunchy and juicy without being greasy. The roll was nice and fluffy and would have gone well with the chicken.

Chefette Roti, Nuggets, and Burger

David Hoffmann and his guide Craig enjoying Chefette burgers in Barbados | Davidsbeenhere

Next, I tried the chicken and potato roti, which was still hot and filled with curry chicken and tons of potatoes. I loved the spices and the chicken’s combination with the potatoes. It was very filling but very tasty! I ate my half super fast!

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The chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce were crispy and tasty, and the fries with barbecue sauce was really satisfying. I’m not really a fast food guy but I loved it. It was topped with slaw, tomato, lettuce, and onions. It wasn’t my favorite chicken sandwich but I liked the slaw.

I took a bite of Craig’s barbecued quarter-pound burger. I loved the pickles and tomatoes. It was so good I had to go in for a second bite! Then, I finished the rest after Craig didn’t.

Overall, I’d say trying Chefette is a must when you’re in Barbados. It’s a local staple, and a lot of the food is really tasty!

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