Best Trinidad and Tobago Food Experiences in Tobago

Welcome to Tobago! This sunny and vibrant Caribbean destination is located off the northern coast of Trinidad and is half of the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a breathtaking tropical paradise, but it also offers some of the best food experiences in the Caribbean. From locally grown produce to fresh seafood, Tobago is a foodie paradise waiting to be explored. In fact, much of the top Trinidad and Tobago food in the country can be found in Tobago!

In this article, I will guide you through the best food experiences Tobago has to offer. You can find my dedicated article about Trinidad’s food scene here. I had the pleasure of exploring the island in the spring of 2022 with my friend Chef Jason Peru. From trying Tobagonian fried chicken to spearfishing off the coast, I had a life-changing experience that I can’t wait to share here. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds as we dive right into the best Trinidad and Tobago food in Tobago.

Enjoy Tobagonian fried chicken at Block 22

The first place Jason took me to in Tobago was Block 22 Restaurant & Bar in Canaan. The restaurant is famous for its chicken sandwiches and sauces, but they also serve fish. The pieces of chicken are downright massive. They’re also tasty and juicy, with a fantastic crunch on the outside similar to chicharron.

The famous fried chicken at Block 2022 in Tobago | David's Been Here

Like a lot of Trinidad and Tobago food, the chicken came with a sweet and tart tamarind sauce. The fluffy hops bread that came with it was similar to a buttermilk biscuit. Their kingfish and fries were crispy and amazing, with the coconut bake pairing well with the tamarind sauce. I recommend enjoying your fried meal with a light, crisp Carib lager. It’s also perfect for a day at the beach!

Have breakfast at Debe Delights

When you find yourself in Crown Point near the southern tip of Tobago, I recommend having some doubles at Debe Delights. This popular street food consists of fried flatbreads called bara, which the cooks top with chana (chickpeas), cucumber, and chutneys.

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Doubles, a popular Trinidad and Tobago food, at Debe Delights | David's Been Here

The doubles were flavorful and savory with chana, mango chutney, chadon beni, and roasted pepper. I couldn’t get enough of the mango chutney and roasted pepper. as well as the customary Solo cherry soda served with doubles. I also recommend their crispy aloo pie and a baigan pie. They were both great, but the creamy eggplant in the baigan pie took it over the top for me. One of my favorite Trinidad and Tobago food experiences in Tobago!

Enjoy Trinidad and Tobago food at The #1 Dirt Oven

No visit to Tobago is complete without visiting The #1 Dirt Oven. This cozy, traditional restaurant is run by a woman named Angela, who serves a wide variety of local favorites. Their thick and sweet soursop smoothie with cinnamon and nutmeg is a breath of fresh air. If you’re not watching your carb intake, try her bread platter. It includes a fluffy cassava pone, pumpkin bread with cranberry, and sweet bread, each with its own unique texture and flavor.

A classic Trinidad and Tobago food feast at The #1 Dirt Oven in Tobago | David's Been Here

She also prepares a fantastic shark, fry dry herring, smoked herring, bhaji, saltfish buljol, and cocoa tea. Each dish was fresh, flavorful, and well-prepared. The dishes come with a number of chutneys, including a vibrant papaya chutney with ginger, turmeric, tomato, and garlic. It’s one of my favorite Trinidad and Tobago food experiences I had in Tobago!

Eat curry crab and dumplings at Miss Trim’s

One thing you must do in Tobago is try authentic curry crab and dumplings at Miss Trim’s. This popular spot in Crown Point also offers other dishes such as stewed pork, stewed fish, coo-coo, and curried conch. Their incredible roasted breadfruit and yucca, were fantastic, starchy sides that complemented the main dishes.

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Curry crab and dumplings at Miss Trim's | David's Been Here

I’m a huge conch lover, and theirs is phenomenal, juicy, and tender. You also should not miss their stewed pork with sweet gravy. The curry crab is the main highlight. It has a strong coconut flavor due to the addition of coconut milk. You’ll also find thin dumplings throughout the curry, which soak up the delicious gravy. Overall, visiting Miss Trim’s is a must-have Trinidad and Tobago food experience!

Dine on upscale Trinidad and Tobago food at Villa Being

If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway in Tobago, Villa Being is the spot for you. This luxury resort on the water takes advantage of its stunning location with outdoor furniture, private balconies, saltwater pools, and outdoor showers. Inside, you’ll find a library/reception area, 4 rooms accommodating up to 10 people, and a Grand Pavilion room for relaxation.

Upscale local food at Villa Being | David's Been Here

Jason and I enjoyed a sustainable and eco-friendly three-course dinner prepared by Chef Jonathan Michael Jordan. Chef Jordan impressed us with his menu, including briny and herbal pacro shots, a coconut-ruch curry conch, and smoked mahi-mahi in coconut-rum Creole sauce. We ended with a decadent crème brûlée topped with whipped cream and cassava pone. I could taste the freshness of the food and the quality of all of Chef Jonathan’s ingredients!

Try Tobagonian street food at Wendy’s Taste the Difference

Just outside of Pigeon Point, Jason and I came across a small tent near the ocean called Wendy’s Taste the Difference. There, street food vendors sell scrumptious Tobagonian favorites that feel like Caribbean soul food. We enjoyed barbecued pork, blue marlin, stewed pigeon peas, fries, salad, and a cheesy garlic potato pie with tamarind, garlic, and barbecue sauces.

The barbecue pork, blue marlin, and sides at Wendy's Taste the Difference | David's Been Here

The barbecue pork’s smokiness and sweet sauce made it one of my favorite pork dishes I’d had in a while. I also enjoyed the figs, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, and potatoes in the provision salad. The cheesy garlic potato pie was similar to au gratin potatoes, but the blue marlin was the winner in my eyes. The juicy, smoky, and tender fish with barbecue sauce blew me away. It perfectly complemented the stewed pigeon peas with rice and macaroni salad. Best of all, the meal will only set you back 55 TTD, or about $8 USD. It’s some of the best Trinidad and Tobago food in Tobago!

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Explore the Crown Point food strip

If you’re seeking dishes outside of traditional Trinidad and Tobago food in Tobago, visit the Crown Point Food Strip. This haven for foodies offers everything from pizza to Middle Eastern cuisine. Pepe’s Pizza is a great place to try Hawaiian and meat-lovers pizza. The pizza had a thin, crispy crust, with the meat lovers’ side having a good ratio of meat to cheese. The ham and crispy pineapples were also great.

Local/Tropical chicken wings with sweet purple sauce at the Crown Point food strip | David's Been Here

For Middle Eastern fare, stop by Skewers, which sells lamb and beef gyros with lettuce, tomato, garlic sauce, cheese, pineapple, and mushroom. You can also try their tangy and tropical mixed lamb and beef shawarma. And at Wings Bar, you should not miss the sweet Local/Tropical chicken wings. They’re cooked in a sweet and warm purple sauce with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vinegar. They’re phenomenal!

Have breakfast at Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery

Baked goods are a staple across Tobago, and one of the best places to enjoy them is Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery. This eatery offers a variety of dishes including croissants, empanadas, currant rolls, coconut bakes, fried shark, cheese pies, saltfish accra, bhaji, saltfish buljol, sausages with onion and ketchup, and corned beef. Their fluffy hops bread and carrot bake are both sensational sides to pair with the main dishes.

A classic Trinidad and Tobago food breakfast at Rosie's Homestyle Bakery | David's Been Here

The carrot bake with the corned beef hash and bhaji was excellent, as was the hops bread with sausages. The fry bake with saltfish buljol was a nice combination and the saltfish accras were like fish hush puppies. The bakery also offers a flaky Cuban pastry with a sweet hot dog inside and mango chutney as well as cheese pies filled with local cheddar cheese mixed with local spices. If you want Trinidad and Tobago food for breakfast, these are all fantastic options!

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Hunt for lionfish in Pigeon Point

If you have a more adventurous spirit, try catching your lunch for yourself! In the waters off Pigeon Point, visitors can head out on a boat to go spearfishing in the Caribbean! I hadn’t spearfished in many years, but I managed to spear two lionfish, which are invasive to the area and legal to hunt.

Barbecued lionfish, pineapple salad, and roasted breadfruit off the coast of Pigeon Point, Tobago | David's Been Here

From there, we visited No Man’s Land, a beautiful uninhabited peninsula where we cleaned, butchered, and barbecued the lionfish while Chef Jason roasted breadfruit with garlic and thyme. We also had some raw lionfish filets with lime, as well as some incredible fruit. The charred pieces of fish were tender and buttery, and the breadfruit and pineapple were the perfect accompaniments to a fish feast on the beach. It’s my favorite Trinidad and Tobago food experience I had in Tobago and is a must for anyone visiting the island!

Eat Trinidad and Tobago Food in Tobago

Whether you’re tucking into sumptuous curry crab and dumplings, trying seafood and bakes, or enjoying lionfish on the beach, Trinidad and Tobago food is always an adventure. The mix of Caribbean spices with Indian, African, and European influences is an unbeatable combination.

Enjoying curry crab, dumplings, and provisions with Chef Jason Peru | David's Been Here

The fresh and flavorful ingredients are phenomenal, but the friendliness of the locals in Tobago is the real treat. Special thanks go out to my boy Chef Jason Peru for arranging this trip for me. Book a trip to the island to experience the best Trinidad and Tobago food experiences for yourself!

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