Welcome to the Ghana hub at David’s Been Here! Here, you will find all of my travel guides and travel episodes from my time in Ghana. The time I spent there is an experience I will never forget. To explore the country in-depth, I partnered with Jolinaiko Eco Tours for an amazing, 10-day road trip.

I started in the capital city, Accra, to explore the culture, street food, and markets of Ghana’s largest city. From there, I headed west to Cape Coast and Elmina, two cities that played a crucial role in the North Atlantic Slave Trade. Then, I traveled north to Kumasi, Mole National Park, and Tamale before wrapping up my trip in Accra.

Ghana is a truly beautiful country. It’s a must for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in West African culture. But it can also be a difficult country to navigate. For example, in Accra, I found that many of the locals were wary of me, a white foreigner, filming them because of the negative way Africa is often portrayed in Western media.

By the end of my trip, I had tried (and fallen in love with) many mouthwatering Ghanaian dishes, from kenkey to banku to fufu to millet porridge. I even tried some local delicacies like grasscutters and giant African snail! When in Rome, right?

Below, are all of my Ghana city guides and travel episodes. On the right, you can also navigate by city if you prefer. I hope my work inspires you to visit this wonderful West African nation. The experience I had there is why I travel in the first place. To learn, to have my heart and mind opened a bit more, and to meet amazing people. That’s why Ghana should be one of the next countries on your travel itinerary!

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