Welcome to the Albania hub at David’s Been Here! Here, you will find all of my travel guides and travel episodes from my time in Albania. Albania, sometimes called ‘Land of the Eagles,’ is the 78th country I’ve visited in my lifetime. I had the pleasure of exploring it almost in full in August of 2020. I teamed up with Balkan Pearls Tour Operator, Rental Car Albania, Travel Albanian Alps, and Travel Media EU to explore as much of the country as I could over 14 incredible days.

I started in the capital city of Tirana and headed out on an epic road trip that took me from the mountains of northern Albania to the amazing cities and towns of central and southern Albania, to the gorgeous beach resorts along the Albanian Riviera in the far south. Along the way, I fully immersed myself in the culture and explored mind-blowing archaeological sites, farms, natural wonders, and historic cities. I also tried tons of incredible foods (including mountains of yummy seafood and traditional dishes like trahana, byrek, fërgesë, yufka, paçe koke, japrak, and lakror) and a lot of rakija, one of my all-time favorite drinks!

Below, please find all of my Albania articles and videos listed in order. I hope they inspire you to visit this underrated gem on the Adriatic Sea and that they help you plan your trip. Albania is such a special and beautiful country. It’s overflowing with beautiful sites and is filled with warm, kind-hearted people. And while I’m not usually the biggest fan of repeating destinations, Albania captured my heart so much that I went back for round two in October of 2020!


Below are all of my written Albania travel guides, listed in the order in which I visited each city/area.

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Below, you will find links to every episode from my Albania travel series. They’re listed in the order I visited them in and are organized by destination.


Episode 1: Traveling to Albania – Trying Albanian Food For the First Time | Miami to Tirana

Episode 2: Traditional Albanian Breakfast in Tirana & Rakija Flight | Tirana, Albania

Episode 3: Insane Albanian Food!! Farm to Table Slow Food at Ceren Ismet Shehu | Surrel, Albania

Episode 4: Crazy Albanian Frog Legs!! Exploring La Fattoria Agro Farm | Farkë, Albania

Episode 5: Albanian Byrek Tour – Making Balkan Stuffed Pastries | Tirana, Albania


Episode 6: Amazing Albanian Seafood!! Exploring Ancient Attractions | Durrës, Albania

Episode 7: The Ultimate Albanian Wine Experience!! Biggest & Oldest Winery in Albania – Durrës, Albania


Episode 8: Rare Albanian Slow Food Breakfast – Veal Head Stew!! Tirana, Albania


Episode 9: Albanian Mountain Food in Krujë Castle!! Bazaar Shopping for Qeleshe | Krujë, Albania


Episode 10: Traditional Northern Albanian Food!! First Impressions of Shkodër | Albania

Episode 11: Exploring an Ancient Albanian City!! Mountain Guesthouse Food & Rakija | Shkodër, Albania


Episode 12: Fresh Albanian Fish on Lake Shkodër!! Salt Baked Fish & Tava Fish | Shiroka, Albania


Episode 13: Albanian Pomegranate Farm Experience!! Making a Traditional Cake | Muriqan, Albania


Episode 14: Traveling to Albanian Alps!! First Impressions of Theth, Albania

Episode 15: Albanian Alps Food!! Exploring Ice Cold Waterfall & Mountain Attractions | Theth, Albania

SHKODËR (Return)

Episode 16: Home Cooked Albanian Dinner at Local Family’s Home | Shkodër, Albania


Episode 17: The Ultimate Albanian Food Experience!! Smoked Meat & Cheese at Mrizi i Zanave | Lezhë, Albania

Episode 18: Unreal Albanian Slow Food!! Farm to Table Everything at Mrizi i Zanave | Lezhë, Albania


Episode 19: Authentic Albanian Farm Experience!! Farm to Table Food at Nano Resort & BioFood | Daias, Albania


Episode 20: South Albanian Food in Berat Castle!! Exploring UNESCO Ottoman Houses | Berat, Albania

Episode 21: Endless Albanian Food & Wine!! Alepta Winery & Castle Park Hotel Dinner | Berat, Albania

Episode 22: Traditional Albanian Breakfast in Berat!! Exploring Elbasan Castle | Berat to Pogradec, Albania


Episode 23: Eating Albanian Koran on Lake Ohrid!! Pogradec Beach & Drilon National Park | Pogradec, Albania 


Episode 24: Unique Albanian Food!! Albanian Villa & 15+ Rakis in Old Bazaar | Korçë, Albania

Episode 25: Traditional Albanian Trahana!! Exploring Korçë Attractions | Albania

Episode 26: VIP Tour of Korçë Brewery!! Albanian Beer Tasting & Steak Lunch | Korçë, Albania


Episode 27: Amazing Albanian Farm Life!! Making Lakror & Petulla at Farma Sotira | Leskovik, Albania


things to do in Përmet Albania

Episode 28: Classic Albanian Gliko!! Benja Thermal Baths & Katiu Bridge | Përmet, Albania


Episode 29: Luxurious Albanian Food on a Mountaintop!! Driving to Gjirokastër | Albania

Episode 30: Albanian Food in the City of Stone!! Gjirokastër Tava + UNESCO Attractions | Gjirokastër, Albania


Episode 31: Incredible Albanian Seafood!! Visiting Blue Eye & Driving to Ksamil | Albania

Episode 32: Farming Mussels in Albania!! Exploring Butrint & Swimming at Ksamil Beach | Albania

Episode 33: Italian Style Albanian Seafood!! Shrimp Tava & Seafood Pasta | Sarandë, Albania


Episode 34: Albanian Riviera Roadtrip!! Albanian Food, Beaches & Attractions | Albania

Episode 35: Albanian Riviera Seafood & Pasta!! Ancient Orik & Byzantine Monastery | Vlore, Albania

Episode 36: Wild Albanian Fish!! The Most Unique Restaurant Experience + Ancient Apollonia | Albania

Episode 37: Amazing Albanian Street Food!! Watermelon & Souvlaki | Albania to Miami


In October of 2020, I returned to Albania to get my first in-person look at my first international business venture, Turtle Farm Albania. I have loved turtles and tortoises ever since I was a kid, and I have several at home in Miami. During my first trip to Albania, I encountered numerous Hermann’s tortoises crossing busy roads, and unfortunately, I came across a few that didn’t make it. So my friend and guide Erjan and I decided to create a tortoise sanctuary on his family’s farm and move tortoises there to keep them safe. We’re open to guests and offer authentic, home-cooked Albanian lunches, romantic sunset dinners, off-roading tours, grape-picking, and much more!

After spending an entire day at Turtle Farm Albania, Erjan and I headed north to visit the two areas of the country that I missed the first time around, Lake Komen and Valbona. The word “breathtaking” doesn’t even begin to describe how beautiful these areas are. I’m still in awe of them! After Valbona, we continued north for an unforgettable nine-day adventure through the neighboring country of Kosovo! You can find all episodes from the Albania portion of this trip below, and all of my Kosovo articles and episodes here!


Episode 38: Traveling Back to Albania – Eating Albanian Food & Turtle Farm Albania


Episode 39: Making Albanian Raki at Turtle Farm Albania – Distilling Grapes in Daias, Albania

Episode 40: Making Albanian Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Turtle Farm Albania – Village Lunch in Daias, Albania

Episode 41: Crazy Off-Roading at Turtle Farm Albania!! Albanian Kebabs & Sunset in Daias, Albania


Episode 42: Rare Albanian Mountain Food!! Remote Mountain Village near Montenegro | Çerem, Albania


Episode 43: Making Albanian Raki in the Albanian Alps & Attractions | Valbona, Albania


Episode 44: Albania’s Most Popular Food!! Trying Flija + Kukës Attractions | Albania

And those are all of my travel guides and episodes for Albania! I hope they were entertaining and informative and helped you plan your trip to the Land of the Eagles. If you have any questions about traveling to Albania, I’m an open book! Send me a message at david[at]davidsbeenhere.com or shoot me a DM on Instagram and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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