The Best Sites and Stays of Lake Malawi: Chintheche Inn

David’s Been Here is touring through all the best sites and stays in Malawi, Africa. Here David presents a short video to a local rubber plantation, where he learns the tapping and collecting processes used in producing high-grade latex rubber. From there, David and crew head to Chintheche Inn, a beautiful hotel located on central Lake Malawi’s western shore. Relaxation is in order at this gorgeous inn, with stunning white sand beaches, comfortable & spacious rooms, and delicious meals that you can eat on the lawn or beach. Listen to some local music performances while you dine or head outside to watch craftsmen carving intricate items you can bring back home to commemorate this unforgettable trip. If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay in central Lake Malawi, look no further than Chintheche Inn.

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A special thanks to the Malawi Tourism Board for hosting us.

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