VIDEO: The Official Taste Test: El Salvador’s Top 4 Beers

David’s Been Here finds itself in the middle of El Salvador’s Lake Coatepeque, one of the most beautiful and exclusive spots in the country. Here David gives the country’s four top beers, Suprema, Pilsener, Golden Light and Regia the official taste test to see which brew comes out on top. Locals say Regia, the cheapest but most flavorful is the top pick, but David seems to side with the Heineken-esk Suprema.

On the lesser side of the spectrum, Pilsener, well, should be left to the Czechs, and Golden Light should be reserved for the more ‘sensitive’ drinkers. But don’t just take David’s word for it- try them all yourself! Visit this beautiful country with the DBH Guide to El Salvador and bring your own input into the Taste Test. Now available for your Kindle as well.

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