Volcanic Lakes: El Salvador’s Coatepeque

In this episode of El Salvador Unplugged, David’s been here heads to the beautiful Lake Coatepeque area, where David and crew check out the amazing landscape, beautiful views and laid back atmosphere of this local vacation spot. Initially a crater formed over 40,000 years ago from a massive volcanic eruption, Coatepeque has long since become the inhabited lake area that it is today.

Check out all the residential houses, serpentine shoreline (where the lake gets its name) and giant volcanoes that form the horizon and surroundings of this beautiful area. When visiting, enjoy not only the water and the views, but also try some of the amazing lakeside food at Las Palmeras Restaurant, certain to serve you up a delicious spread. With a great meal, refreshing beer and unbeatable surroundings, Lake Coatepeque is the perfect area to wind down during your tour through the country. For more on visiting this amazing area, check out the DBH Guide: El Salvador, also available for your Kindle.

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