Celebrity Travel Addict: YouTube & TV Chef, Caroline MiLi Artiss

This week we interviewed YouTube cooking sensation, TV chef, and soon-to-be restauranteur, Caroline MiLi Artiss. Since her first big break being discovered on YouTube, Caroline has delighted audiences with her Malaysian fusion recipes and bubbly personality. She joins us in our Celebrity Travel Addicts Series to talk about how she balances her life as a single mom, traveler, and  popular chef.


How often does your job as a chef require you to travel?

About once a month at the moment.

Where was the first place your work took you?

Malaysia. A Malaysian production company googled chicken satay and my YouTube video came up, they got in touch and flew me out to meet them.

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What was your most adventurous travel experience?

I cooked my way across America with no money, food or accommodation on a reality cooking show with BBC America  – Chef Race!  It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done, it was so tough but also the best experience of my life and I fell in love with America.

Gastronomically speaking, what is your favorite destination?

It would have to be Malaysia, some of the best Asian street food or even street food in the world…. I love just casual easy going food that tastes incredible.


Give us your ‘Top Five’ list for #4 (could be anything!)

  1. Char kway teow
  2. Chicken satay and peanut sauce
  3. Beef rending
  4. Ice kachang
  5. Chendol
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Your favorite hotel in the world?

Cliveden House in England has the most beautiful English hotel in the countryside with stunning grouds.


Your favorite restaurant?

Nobu in Malibu (soon the be taken over by The Gorgeous Kitchen when it opens 😉

Your favorite airline?

Air New Zealand

Your least favorite?

Ryan Air


Where is the most exotic place(s) your career has taken you?

Cooking by the sea in Malaysia, on the beach with the jungle in the background. Best outdoor kitchen ever!

What is your best piece of travel advice?

I bring my actual pillow off my bed with me now as I fly long-haul flights and need my sleep.

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What are three things you could never leave home without?

My toothbrush, cell phone and nice underwear

Where to next?

London. Me and 3 other female chefs are opening a restaurant in Heathrow terminal 2 called The Gorgeous Kitchen, so if you’re traveling out of there please come by and grab something to eat before you travel. We’d love to have you.


Caroline Artiss is one of the first TV chefs to be discovered on YouTube in the UK.  As a single mom, she started her YouTube cooking show with next to nothing and was soon discovered by TV companies around the world.  Cooking her way across America with BBC America, Filming a 13-episode Cookery show in Malaysia, and is now soon to open a restaurant with 3 other female chefs at the new Heathrow Terminal 2 called The Gorgeous Kitchen. She has just also been named by MSN as one of the top food vloggers of 2014 to watch out for. Connect with Caroline on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

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