VIDEO: A Visit to the Ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya

David’s Been Here is exploring all the top sites and most unique attractions in Thailand. In this video, David brings us to the second capital of Siam: Ayutthaya. Established in 1350, this ancient kingdom was founded on the principles of Theravada Buddhism, which can still be seen all throughout the Kingdom’s grounds today. Explore the iconic wats, stupas and stone Buddha statues, including Wat Mahathat’s stone Buddha head set inside an ancient Banyan tree. Truly one of Thailand’s most unique, sacred and historically significant destinations, taking the day trip out from Bangkok to visit Ayutthaya is an absolute must for all travelers! For more information about visiting Thailand’s ancient cities, see our article: Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, or Lopburi: Which Thai Ruins Should You See?

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