The Top Things to See & Do in Bursa, Turkey

Join David’s Been Here as they explore all the must-visit sites and top destinations in Turkey. In this video, David brings us to Turkey’s second largest city of Bursa. Located in the northwest corner of the country (just south of Istanbul), Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and today thrives as one of the country’s most industrialized cities. Join David as he tours all the top things to see and do in Bursa, from the coolest historical sites to some of the best shopping. Most tours should kick off around Zafer Plaza and the Grand Bazaar, where visitors can explore one of the city’s most famous items of trade: silk. Located in the Koza Han section, you can explore two levels and over 40 shops of beautiful, authentic, 100% “ipek” (silk products)- the perfect gift or souvenir to bring back home. From here you can visit the stunning 14th century Ulu Cami, or Grand Mosque (a great example of early Ottoman architecture), the beautifully tiled Yesil Türbe (Green Tomb of Mehmed I) and Hisar- the citadel entrance and last remaining gate of the Old City Wall. A bit outside the city center, visitors can find Inkaya- a 600-year-old sycamore tree planted by the Ottomans… a great place to visit in the morning for some coffee/tea & breakfast! Most sites are within walking distance from the historic city center, so don’t miss a beat when you’re visiting this beautiful Turkish city!

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